Cumberland, Wisconsin Speed Traps

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Cumberland, WisconsinJan 29, 20160 Comments

During the busier tourist season, people traveling east on elm st (also hwy. 63/48) will go north on 6th or 5th ave., then east on grove street to avoid congestion at the “4 way” intersection.
Cops sit on Grove Street waiting for speeders and if you don’t pay attention to the 25 mph signs you will be stopped… you may not get a ticket but you will be stopped.

right in front of Dairy Queen, and BP gas station.

Cumberland, WisconsinJul 17, 20140 Comments

this is a 25 mph zone which everyone thinks is a 40 which it turns into but the signs are hard to notice and so they sit hiding behind the Dairy Queen building, which is angled so you cannot see their police cruiser. there is also a street coming in at an angle right before this where the zone begins and since it is on a sharp curve, you rarely spot the officer angled off, and they got you. Also since it is right before a highway stretch of lake on both sides a person cannot picture this is a 25mph zone and since the zone is so short and they hide, they wait for you there all the time and constantly issue tickets.

63 n/b

Cumberland, WisconsinOct 19, 20100 Comments

Officers run radar for 63 n/b from the 4 way intersection. Keep your speed at 10 under or you will get a ticket(s) for sure. The officers run radar on the major routes. Better keep your criminal activity out of that town.

Highway 63/48 west side of city

Cumberland, WisconsinMay 04, 20100 Comments

The speed changes from 55 to 35 mph and is marked in two locations. Watch your speed as the department is very proactive. You are guaranteed a citation for greater than 15 mph over the posted speed limit.
Also, at times people may have to post the amount of the citation especially if they don’t have local ties to the community.
Lastly, keep your drugs out as they will catch you.

U.S. Hwy. 63 South City Limits of Cumberland

Cumberland, WisconsinApr 06, 20100 Comments

The police sit in the Ford Dealership in the line of cars. There is no sign saying speed zone ahead. The catch you as you coming in from the south (Turtle Lake). No mercy. They stopped me on the Friday nite before deer hunting, searched my car for guns (daaa) because I had some amunition in my pocket. Accused me of having a hand gun in my back seat (it was a tool kit). Searched me and had me open my trunk to check my gun in the trunk. Oh — he also called for back up before he patted me down. Nice way to treat a tourist hunter.

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