Cheyenne, Wyoming Speed Traps

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West College Drive near Rossman Elementary

Cheyenne, WyomingNov 24, 20041 Comments

Police car will sit in the parking lot of Rossman Elementary watching for cars that have not slowed from the 50 MPH to the 30 MPH speed limit by Orchard Valley.

Dell Range Blvd. and Sunset Dr.

Cheyenne, WyomingOct 13, 20030 Comments

Watch out while traveling on Dell Range across from the Wyoming Air National Guard base- specifically at the Sunset Dr. intersection… I was rescently pulled over for going 47 in a 40, while keeping up with the speed of traffic (I was the lucky guy following everyone else). Watch out when on this part of Dell Range, or you may become victim to the schemes of the morons that call themselves the Cheyenne Police Department.

Yellowstone Rd and Riding Club Rd. By fire Dept.

Cheyenne, WyomingSep 28, 20030 Comments

The cops (highway patrol and sheriff) hang out at the Fire Station and get ya as you come over the hill going South.

Converse Ave and Airport rd. (little league baseball parking lots)

Cheyenne, WyomingSep 14, 20030 Comments

On Converse Ave between the Dell Range Blvd intersection and the new stop light at the intersection next to the softball field at the Airport Pkwy turn. The place where they sit on either side is called Airport Rd but we all know it as the little league fields parking lot. The police sometimes sit back a ways to see if you will notice them.

All Over Town

Cheyenne, WyomingJan 31, 20030 Comments

Tourists and other drivers passing through Cheyenne should be aware that, unlike most of the state, this is a strict enforcement jurisdiction. It is a cultural thing. The mayor, for example, has reported that the number one complaint and request by residents is that people drive too fast, and that the police should make them slow down. This is a particularly serious problem for Cheyenne drivers in that the speed limits are also unrealistically slow — e.g., 30 mph on 4-lane major arterial roadways that would be 40 or 45 in most places, including nearby Fort Collins, Colorado. The local police have shown themselves overwhelmingly ineffectual at stopping a recent rash of armed robberies (most of which remain unsolved), but the local constables take pride in going for the low-hanging, low-risk fruit — "speeders." School zones are 20 mph, and they are very strictly enforced. Cheyenne likes to think it is a "progressive" city, but it has gained a nationwide reputation as a "speed trap" on a par with the worst southern municipalities of similar repute. DRIVERS BEWARE!

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