Jackson, Wyoming Speed Traps

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Teton County

Jackson, WyomingOct 05, 20180 Comments

All or most of the posted speeds in the Jackson area are not enforceable, as they are arbitrarily set with no engineering or traffic investigation basis as required by WY State Statutes. For example, the 55mph in Hoback & Snake River Canyons, 55 north and south of Jackson, & 25 in Wilson, etc.

Spring Gulch Road from State highway 22 to U.S. 191/89

Jackson, WyomingAug 25, 20130 Comments

Tourists may use this as a short cut from Teton Village to the airport. Good road that will easily tolerate speeds at 45 mph or more, but the speed limit is 35 on the paved portion and 30 on the unpaved (hard surface). The Teton County deputies don’t have much to do apparently because they are out in force on this road. I think those with WY Plates get at least one warning before a real ticket, but that might not be true if you have a rental car, most of which do not have WY plates.


Jackson, WyomingFeb 20, 20110 Comments

As a local my advice is to keep the speedometer 1 mile below the posted speed limit no matter where you are in Jackson, near Jackson and especaially in Teton National Park and Yellowstone. The police here are nazis and will pull you over at the drop of the hat especially if you out of state plates. Also do not even think about driving with a few drinks in you. The 1st 5 words out of any of the police here whether its the Highway Patrol, Jackson Police, Park Police or the Sherif is "hello have you been drinking." About the only thing police around here know how to do is give speeding tickets and dui’s.

Highway 22 in Wilson

Jackson, WyomingFeb 14, 20110 Comments

At the bottom of Teton Pass in the small town of Wilson, WY. The speed limit is reduced to 25mph. There is a l ot of pedestrian traffic in the area prompting the low speed limit. Speeding through this area will allow you to meet me and I will get your autograph. 5 copies of it. Go slow. I don’t want your autogragh.

Teton County

Jackson, WyomingDec 15, 20091 Comments

It would be easier to describe the places in Teton County that are not speed traps, because there are only a few of them. Hoback Canyon on U.S. 191 from Hoback Junction to the county line is probably not a speed trap, but it’s not likely anyone will be in excess of the posted limit anyway because it’s a winding road through a canyon. Every other road in Teton County can be a speedtrap at any time, and probably will. What else are they going to do? There are lots of cops and very little crime.

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