Manderson, Wyoming Speed Traps

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Coming into Manderson at Sherman Avenue

Manderson, WyomingMay 22, 20230 Comments

Our experience was almost identical to all of these previous complaints. We are from out of state and traveling from east to west while sightseeing along the way. We had been visiting a national monument and were heading westward for our hotel and took a couple of scenic highways when we came to the town of Manderson. As others have stated, the speed limit quickly reduces when we were stopped for going 44 in a 30 mph zone as we entered town on Sherman. Both of us in our car were attempting to check our gps to see where we were and what the speed limit was, as we were slowing down, knowing we were entering a small town, when we were stopped. The officer asked the same questions as others in the other complaints have stated. He seemed to act like he didn’t believe us as the tone of his voice seemed to question the validity of our answers. We don’t even know if we really were speeding as we can’t prove it. Our charge was for $188 dollars. We were courteous, respectful, and apologetic, but to no avail. We both sensed that this was likely a common occurrence for this town. Also, we have no traffic violations on record.


Manderson, WyomingApr 13, 20230 Comments

I was a Canadian driving cross country to Yellowstone NP. As I approached this small town the speed drops rapidly from highway speed to 30mph. I thought I had slowed sufficiently as I knew I had to make a turn. However after turning and leaving town I was pulled over by the police and ticketed $140 for supposedly doing 40 in a 30. I’ve never had a speeding ticket in my life until now. I believe due to my Canadian license plates and a bicycle rack on the back of my bike, screaming tourist, I was targeted. After reading all the other accounts I became really upset and angry. This is so wrong!!!

S. Sherman Ave

Manderson, WyomingFeb 08, 20230 Comments

I was heading from Chicago to Yellowstone.
I was proceeding west on WY St Route 31
I was coasting through town slowly (25 in a 30) and when I crossed the tracks I slowed down to a creep because of the sharp right turn. As I make the turn, I see the Police SUV parked there. I proceed with all due caution as a police office is literally watching me.

I crept out of town and before I can turn right and proceed west on US 20, I see the lights in my rear-view mirror.

I pullover and answer his questions. The questions are really to confirm I am a tourist from out of town. Not knowing, I am being targeted, I answer honestly. Yes, I am from Chicago. Yes, I am on vacation.

Boom Here’s your $167 ticket. 41 in 30. (Anything less than 10mph over and Wyoming won’t report it to your home state)

I suck it up and try to enjoy the rest of my vacation
When I return home a week later, I figure out how to download my Phone’s GPS log. It confirms…I NEVER exceeded 25 mph throughout his town.
I begin contacting lawyers to see how I can fight this.
Most county lawyers confirm what I am now beginning to suspect. This is a corrupt police force…writing tickets to generate revenue to support a 3 man police force in a town with a population of 100. That’s 1 cop for every 33 citizens! If that ratio were carried over to NYC, New York would have 256,000 cops. FYI – They have 36,000. when I told these attorneys I had proof that I wasn’t speeding, which speeders rarely do, they said ‘That’s great but it won’t matter. Judge is in on the scam too! She deliberately plays dumbs and overrules any evidence brought by the accused.’

Anyway, I contacted the City’s attorney. Yes, they can afford an attorney too!
He dismissed my evidence as unreliable…despite the town having a T-mobile cell tower and I have T Mobile service. Accuracy should be spot on!

Cost to Hire an attorney to fight (and lose) $300
Cost to have them drop the charges $500
Cost to drive back out there to represent myself $400
Ticket $165….yes paying the ticket is your cheapest Option

So I mailed them 1650 dimes!

Main Street of town, Wyoming Highway 31

Manderson, WyomingOct 18, 20220 Comments

Drove west into town on Wyoming 31. As you approach the town from open country there is no indication that you are about to enter the town. You first are advised to reduce speed from 65mph to 40mph as you approach a left hand curve in the road. You only have about 500 ft to reduce speed. Which I did. Within about another 500 feet as the town become visible you come upon 30mph with no warning. As we entered the tiny 2 block town, there were no vehicles either on the road or parked except a blacked out unmarked Dodge. Since I have 3 members of my family in the California Highway Patrol I am familiar with the appearance of a stealth police cruiser. I was astonished to be pulled over immediately after passing the Dodge cruiser. By this time I was at 20mph. The officer informed me that I was in excess of 40mph at the 40mph sign and at 36 at the 30mph sign. He said that he was going to do me a favor and only cite me for 36 in a 30. Of course he did. He has no line of site to the 40mph sign as it is around the sweeping curve leading into town and obscured by trees and building. He was lying.
I find it incredible that a town of less than 1 square mile and only 3 streets sports a $40,000.00 + state of the art Police cruiser and a police force of 3 officers!!!! What are they patrolling??? NOTHING. This is an illegal SPEED TRAP, administered by the Manderson Municiple Court. What a farce!!! This is a town of 104 with approximately 30 families with an average income of $40,000/year. How does this tiny tax base support this farce of a police department and court. SPEED TRAP.
We drive the back roads for Wyoming happily every year for the past 35 years. We had never driven through Manderson. Won’t ever again.
I am sure that my California plates made us an easy target for this continuing fraud. I intend to approach the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Wyoming Department of Transportation regarding the obvious blight on the good will of the people of Wyoming. I’ve driven more than 15,000 miles over the years in Wyoming and have never been cited.

Through town in 30 mile/hr zone just before railroad crossing

Manderson, WyomingJul 30, 20210 Comments

I just got a speeding ticket while on my road trip to Yellowstone. Can you help or know someone that can.

This was a trap. I was driving in a 40 mile/hr zone and reducing speed coming around the bend to a rail road stop, through Maderson town, Wyoming. My speed was reduced significantly to around 30 or 35 mile/hr max. The officer pulled me over said he clocked me at 40 but I think it must have been in a 40 mile hour zone as I was reducing speed still. My daughter said I must be doing around 30 mile/hr or less.

The officer asked me where I was heading etc. and wrote me a citation of $140 and said there’s a $40 discount as everyone was wearing a seatbelt. This is very wrong and a trap and Wyoming, Maderson a town population of around 150, is well know for this speed trapping tourists on their way though Yellowstone national park. This is clear after reading many articles and complaints online. I want to fight this ticket. Please advice.

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