Moorcroft, Wyoming Speed Traps

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The top of the hill when you enter Moorcroft, on Converse St

Moorcroft, WyomingAug 26, 20220 Comments

They have a 30 mile per hour speed limit sign on the top of the hill that is either temporary or just put up, and it is before you enter the town. Then you have a cop at the bottom of the hill. Interestingly, there was a “Reduce Speed Ahead” sign about 500 feet ahead of where the cop is. The speed limit does not go any less than 30 on that road, so they must have moved the 30 miles per hour sign just to catch people, and didn’t bother moving the “Reduce Speed Ahead” sign.

Exit when going to or from Devils Tower.

Moorcroft, WyomingJul 25, 20220 Comments

Speed limit drops extremely fast to 30 mph at edge of town. Most received a 44 or 45 mph ticket in the 30 zone (I researched other trap sites to confirm my thought). Out of state plates beware. Must slow down way, way before 30 mph sign to avoid ticket. Only my second ticket in 36 years driving. I’ve reviewed other sites to confirm it is a speed trap from other motorists!

Moorcroft – going thru town

Moorcroft, WyomingAug 20, 20210 Comments

Going thru town and police officer pulled us over. Gave a ticket for going 45 in a 30. My sister pulled over to wait for us. He gave her a ticket for speeding as well even though she came later

Yellowstone Ave (Hwy 14) and Mormon Church

Moorcroft, WyomingJun 01, 20210 Comments

Driving east on 90. Get off at Moorcroft to go to Devil’s Tower. Town has a speed limit of 30 mph. You turn left and start heading north and there is a 40 mph sign after the Mormon Church. Cop was waiting at the sign across from the church to ticket out-of-state plates that he saw. Doesn’t matter what your speed is. Came to my car and said “You were going 40 in a 30”. I pointed the 40 mph sign across the street from where he was. He then changed his story, claiming I was going 46 in the town, and wrote me a ticket for 46 in a 30. I never went above 30. Liars. Avoid this town at all costs.

West on Hwy 14, heading out of town

Moorcroft, WyomingAug 03, 20200 Comments

Transitioning from 30mph zone in town to 40mph heading out of town. Cop is positioned near the 40mph sign, catching you if you dare accelerate too early or slow too late. Near Hwy14 and Lomac St. Coming south on Hwy14, you have no choice but to travel through the town before joining interstate I90 heading west.

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