Ozark, Alabama Speed Traps

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Just as you enter their downtown area

Ozark, AlabamaDec 30, 20090 Comments

It’s Thanksgiving day and I am traveling through their little town. As I go down a hill I see city limit sign for 25mph. I am going 35 so I start to slow down as quick as I could and the copy pulls me over. If he clocked me at the moment I was slowing down I was doing 32mph. He said I was doing 42. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving day 2009 and I get no warning for an out of state driver trying to slow down. Just a speed trap so Watch Out

United States Highway 231 & W Andrews Ave

Ozark, AlabamaNov 03, 20082 Comments

Calling the place a Speed Trap is an understatement of the grandest kind. This town lives off traffic fines, they are offen and high. And road blocks are a daily event. DO NOT COME HERE.

Andrews Avenue near US Highway 231

Ozark, AlabamaOct 11, 20070 Comments

Watch out around parking lots, sitting among parked cars. Best spots are along the side of road around a curve.

US Hwy 231

Ozark, AlabamaSep 08, 20030 Comments

Got a ticket a few years ago for doing 72 in a 45. Normally a 65 zone but they had construction zones up so it was considered a 45 MPH zone. NO CONSTRUCTION was being conducted within miles. Officer asked me if I had seen all the construction signs up. I pointed out very politely that there are no construction workers present. Took my liscense and wrote a ticket anyway. Yes, I was speeding, but, his apparent arguement was that I was speeding in a construction zone with no workers present. Absolutely rediculous.

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