Springville, Alabama Speed Traps

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Murphrees Valley road near Ricole Estates

Springville, AlabamaApr 11, 20150 Comments

Cop on side of road straddling a ditch, watching people go over the steep hill

St.Clair Road (between 411& 23) Also called Prison Road;

Springville, AlabamaOct 02, 20140 Comments

Starting from 411 towards 23, St. Clair Rd has a reasonable 45 speed limit before you reach the prison. It then changes to 25 directly in front of the prison which is an area that can be easily driven at 35+. Beyond that point, the road becomes flat as a pancake and straight as a pin with a ridiculously low 35 MPH speed limit. There is no other reason for that road to have such low limits other than to generate ticket revenue for Springville.

Village Springs Road

Springville, AlabamaDec 30, 20110 Comments

The police are consistently on this roadway. Several spots are utilized….backup up to the treeline at the ball fields, sitting in private property (daycare & the old gutted out house) and in the ‘valley’ near Cole Drive. Police admit the speed limit is “really too low for that road” but of course, why push it! Just like all of the other 30 or 35 mph hour roads in Springville, this revenue generated by the overly restrictive speed limits, assures that break-ins will continue but speeders will be prosecuted! After the police ‘wear out the locals’ they occasionaly mix up scenery and get out on the Interstate and turn their flood lights on the cars passing by. Is this method taught in the police acedemy? ‘blinding vehicles that are traveling near 70mph at night with your flood lights?’

Murphees Valley Rd., North of Bradford Rd.

Springville, AlabamaSep 25, 20111 Comments

Day and night, the officer will be facing south, waiting for motorists coming off the hill, just around the corner. The speed limit on this road is 35 MPH, a limit designed for failure given the roads geometry. I just moved here from Georgia, it’s obvious the City Administration is trying to recover lost revenue from people moving out and denying zoning for industry and businesses. If you come to Springville, mind the traffic laws to a “T”, or keep checking here as I post more trap sites; don’t give them any free money!

Mountain View RD. Between US Hwy 11 and Newton RD

Springville, AlabamaJan 23, 20111 Comments

I was going up hill on Mountain View RD. between US Hwy 11 and Newton RD at 40mph, City COP was hiding behind storage building. Posted speed limit is now 30mph. I know Cities are hurting form budget issues, but this is not the way to increase revenues. This will certainly reduce traffic and revenues to this small town in Alabama.

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