Buckeye, Arizona Speed Traps

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On Verrado Way between Van Buren and Roosevelt south of I-10

Buckeye, ArizonaOct 26, 20230 Comments

West-MEC campus is a school zone. Speed limit on Verrado Way between Roosevelt and Van Buren where West-MEC is 40 mph. There is sign on north bound Verrado Way north of Yuma with 50 mph posted. Within a good stones throw there is another sign 40 mph. Its stupid they need to take the 50 mph sign out, because if you blink you can miss the 40 mph sign. They got me on a Sunday morning. No school in session. No students ever walk along or cross the street on Verrado Way ever. And if I am not mistaken its some kind of technical school. We are not talking elementary kids there nor ever a crossing guard but Buckeye cops as sneaky as they are like to hide on Van Buren watching you come down the I-10 overpass south bound and getcha just before it goes back to 50 mph and yes even a Sunday morning.

Neighborhood On Indian School Across from Verrado High

Buckeye, ArizonaApr 09, 20150 Comments

Often a police van and an undercover black mustang are hiding behind houses or foliage pulling over student leaving school through the neighborhood to avoid ten minutes of traffic for going as little as five over. These officers issue no warnings and usually only patrol before and after school.

Main Street / Verrado Parkway

Buckeye, ArizonaJun 29, 20120 Comments

Specially during the weekends and late nights, Police in a motorcycle hide behind the building around Main Street and Verrado Way, he looks for everything, seat belts, turns, speed, if you are off one second on the stop sign, He will give you a ticket with a nice comment: this is not California.
He also hide during the morning at Jackrabbit Rd. going South towards to I-10- He is rude and arrogant, usually is not reason at all for the ticket, just because he said so, People in Verrado is aware of this unusual situation at the point texts go around to prevent people when he is around.

Sundance parkway / rainbow rd intersection

Buckeye, ArizonaMay 22, 20120 Comments

Its a four way stop and you think the police are there pausing for the stop sign. They’re posted there to pull you over for minor traffic violations like not wearing a seat belt. There are not signs clearly marked with speed limits. Its 25MP on a rural road. If you’re caught going 27MPH without a seat belt, Buckeye PD will give you a hefty fine. 210 dollars. So watch out.

Airport Road Northbound to I-10.

Buckeye, ArizonaJul 08, 20100 Comments

Going North on Airport Road from the intersection of Yuma and Airport is a 50mph zone on a 2 lane road for 3/4 of a mile and then 3 lanes for 1/4 of mile to I-10.
At that stage where it transitions on the West side is a fence with slots and parking area where police cars can point to the Northbound traffic with radar.
And there is enough of a slight rise to hide the police car in the median so the Northbound traffic cannot see them till they are on top of them. Both going North.

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