Payson, Arizona Speed Traps

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Highway 87

Payson, ArizonaMar 25, 20131 Comments

I’m a trucker from California, I was driving through Payson following my uncle’s car through Payson on our way to Texas. We started to go around a curve, and then my uncle was slamming on his brakes and then I saw a huge flash. A week later I find out I get a ticket for being clocked at 56 in a 45 MPH zone. Completely not fair, I was doing 45-50 MPH and my uncle’s car was right in front of me so his car should’ve been clocked but they got my plate instead. I was wondering if I plan to fight this ticket where I can possibly get the footage of the scene of me and my uncle driving through the speed trap? If I cant win, then is it possible to get a coasting ticket like you can in California?

Main street in Star Valley. About a mile long.

Payson, ArizonaFeb 13, 20114 Comments

You enter Star Valley from the east or west via a steep 6% grade into town, with lots of trees and curves to distract drivers. They have 4 sensors set up two each side spaced abour a 1/4 mile apart.
Speed drops from 55 to 45 (down hill). Road is 5 lanes wide with a center turning lane. Traffic is sparse as is business on either side of the road.
Fine currently is $197 per camera (10 miles over). So you could be fined twice on the same trip.
They do NOT apologize.

Star Valley

Payson, ArizonaFeb 06, 20111 Comments

The speed traps they have where drivers are coming in to town and are a MILE apart are a scam at best…Giving out two tickets to each driver!!! For those who know and now no longer stop for gas or food, it may make some impression. Hopefully the town goes belly up for allowing politicians to line their pockets at the detriment to innocent people driving through and getting caught in the inaccurate cameras.You townspeople know what is happening. Shame on you and your LEADERS whom you have elected!!!
Star Valley should be ashamed

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