Tucson, Arizona Speed Traps

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Houghton & Drexel

Tucson, ArizonaJun 22, 20180 Comments

2-3 times a month, up to 6 ( yes 6! ) TPD motorcycle officers sit at Drexel & Houghton, also Poorman & Bilby and “in mass” pull over people leaving for work ( 6:30-8:30am ) onto Houghton because it is a large working community ( not retired ) but will give all sorts of interesting tickets including “leader of the pack” even if you are not speeding. In May 2018 we observed 3 days in a row 6 TPD motorcycle officers each day because of the massive revenue they were generating. Even vendors are warned coming in to the neighborhood, folks this is not going to stop so leave early/leave late or avoid.

East Broadway & Highland Ave

Tucson, ArizonaMay 07, 20180 Comments

Motorcycle cop facing west with rader gun

Just north of Houghton and Old Vail Rd/Mary Ann Cleveland.

Tucson, ArizonaAug 16, 20170 Comments

Just north of intersection of Houghton Rd and Old Vail Rd/Mary Ann Cleveland. Yes, there’s construction on the SOUTH side of that intersection, but they’ll pull you over for going over 35 mph NORTH of that intersection (the sign is so far back, it’s uphill from this large intersection and can’t be seen from the intersection or construction). I saw someone pulled over today as they were getting in the left turn lane at this intersection (so they weren’t even going through the construction) but motorcycle cop pulled car over after passing over the hill towards the intersection. Kind of odd to pull someone over for “speeding” to a stop!

Southbound Kino Parkway, just south of 22nd St.

Tucson, ArizonaApr 03, 20170 Comments

motorcycle cop preys on people going over 40 mph in a stretch where cars commonly safely drive 50-55 mph. He hangs out in a slot designed for bicycles (blocking the way for bicycles).

Ft. Lowell, about a 100 yards west of Columbus

Tucson, ArizonaJul 13, 20160 Comments

A policeman on a motorcycle hides in small barrio streets on the south side, watching for cars to drive out of the Riverhaven neighborhood across the road. You may hurry a bit getting into the lane in front of the traffic or when changing lanes. The speed limit is 35 mi/hr, so the cop claimed I got to 47 miles/hr while I just got out onto Ft. Lowell Rd. Don’t think I could get from full stop 0 miles to 47 within seconds, as they stated.

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