Elkins, Arkansas Speed Traps

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The town of Elkins is one long speed trap

Elkins, ArkansasApr 27, 20120 Comments

The speed limit changes from 35 to 40 to 45to 35 to a school zone about 6 times and it takes a cautious driver not to get dinged. This is a small town and speeding tickets generate a lot of income. I hate this town.

Intersection of Hwy’s 16 and 74

Elkins, ArkansasApr 10, 20100 Comments

An Elkins police car (may not be marked and/or may not have an overhead light bar) is frequently parked in the Pizza Junction parking lot on Hwy 16 facing oncoming traffic that is coming from the east on Hwy 74. Radar gun is alternately pointed in all three directions at this “T” intersection.

The police also sit every night in the antique shop parking lot on the other side of Hwy 16. They like to watch license plates (registration stickers) and seatbelts when people slow down and turn at the intersection. Folks coming from Fayetteville and turning NE on Hwy 74 can expect to be followed out of town – there is no place to pull off on the right side of Hwy 74 for about a half-mile if you are eastbound.

Be sure you always pull off the highway onto private property (past the state highway right of way) because the tow charges, impound fees, and storage fees in Elkins are astronomical. Cops can’t have you towed off of private property – that is between you and the property owner.

According to an alderman, the police, the mayor, the city prosecutor, and the District Court judge are all in colusion to make enough money from traffic-related fines to contribute heavily to their pension fund. In the words of a Fayetteville prosecutor, “They are waaaay too busy out in Elkins.”

There is at least one full-time policeman for every 300 residents. Plus Elkins has a number of part-timers and a some auxiliary (volunteer) officers who work weekends. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights you are pretty much guaranteed to see flashing blue lights if you take a drive through Elkins.

No need to worry about the Washington County sheriff cars in town. They won’t hassle you – many county sheriff deputies live in Elkins and are just as upset as everyone else at the local police tactics.

corner of Stokenbury and Hwy 16

Elkins, ArkansasMar 04, 20100 Comments

Elkins finest sit in the adjacent parking lot of Stokenbury and hwy 16 at night with their lights off waiting for traffic to run the stop sign before coming to a complete stop. Also, waiting and watching for the unsuspecting motorist to proceed with out using their left or right blinker. Caution: fine for not properly using your turn signals in Elkins is 167.00

US Highway 16 near Beginning of Elkins County Line

Elkins, ArkansasJun 08, 20070 Comments

When entering Elkins slow down until you pass Harps!

State Highway 16 E

Elkins, ArkansasApr 05, 20050 Comments

Elkins built a new school and lowered the speed down to 40mph a few new blocks west on hwy 16. As you get near the school from fayetteville, the new 40mph sign is blocked by other signs. They have someone pulled over all the time.

In news paper, Elkins makes $18,000-$24,000 a month in ticket revenue. (90% of this is unfair and bogus tickets)
They lie and are not honest.
My mom has never had a ticket in her life, ever, she is 60yrs old and the type of person that everyone passes.
THe other day they claimed that she was going 62 in the 45 up by the water company. She also pulls her seatbelt off naturall when she puts the van in park.
Ticket for 17 over
No seat belt
No proof of insurance. "She was so shoo up that she could not even go into her golve box and find it. The cop even told her that he read her tag in and knew that she had valad insurance, but she got a ticket for no proof, not for on insurance.

Their is no way in the world that she was speeding.

She said that a Jeep was way ahead of her and that he must have been speeding.

She never even thought to look at the radar gun display, but all they have to do is hold it on a past speed and pin it on you.

I live in Elkins and the town has about 2,500 people, They typically have 3 cops on duty about every night. Blue lights everywhere.

Also if a cop pulls out behind you in a 40mph, he keeps behind you and you drive on out of town to where the speed reaches 55, you speed up to 55 56, boom the lights come on. Radar shows 56, he says you were doing 56 in a 40. Ticket, this has happened to many people I know.

They also say that everyone was driving right of the fog line or left of center,to pull you over if your tag and lights are good.

I have been pulled over 17 times in the past 7-years, but have never had a ticket.

If you drive into Elkins after midnight, you will be pulled over or followed by a cop.

Also when you pay out tickets, make sure to pay with a check only and keep all the records. They will cheat you.

My brother got $1200 worth of tickets one time, No insurance, bad exhaust, etc.

He paid the tickets for ever, my dad kept all the reciepts for him. My brother made the last cash pmt and the lady said, "no you owe us over $400". It took us a few days to round up all the reciepts, but they were lying. They said it was a record keeping mistake.

They are not in service to protect and serve anyone but themselves and the budget.

If you need help and call the poice dept, they will not come out, but they can sure put 3-cops on duty about everyother night to generate that revenue.

Stay out of Elkins. Make sure you drive at least 3mph under the speed limit, hold both hands on the steering wheel, and make sure you stand up to them when they pull you over and claim that you were driving left of center or right of the fog line.

If they follow you out of Town do not speed up past 40mph no matter what. Let them turn around and go back before you speed up to 55. They have done this to me a few times and it saved myself a ticket by staying at 40. See they can’t give you a ticket for going 40 in a 55, only the county cops can, it is out of their area.
They will search your car, check you tires, exhaust, all bulbs, look at your vin #, look at the small numbers on you tag stickers, etc.

A town of 2,500+ people with "never any crime", does not need a police force like that.

1-full time cop needed.. Work him 10-hours on Fri, Sat, Sun.( Go ahead and pay him 40), From like 4pm to 2am and one part time cop to watch the school during let out.
We all need to stand up and get them under control.They are robbing everyone and they love cash with out a reciept given.

Also when one come into elkins from Fayetteville, the speed limit is 55 unitl you get to the curve by HollyBrook. They alwasy set in HollyBrook’s drive and radar you at 55 or so. THey will pull out behind you and follow you for a few miles until the speed drops down to 45 or 40 and boom, you get a ticket. They say, "Radar Guns don’t lie", true, but they do.

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