Grady, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Rt 65

Grady, ArkansasMay 31, 20190 Comments

This town is a notorious speed trap, but the police don’t limit themselves to speeders. I was driving through dead on the speed limit, but had out of state plates. The black unmarked with tint car MUST have broken speed limits to run up behind me to see that my plate tag was 20 days overdue. So he ticketed me. My home state gives a 30 day grace.
Way to welcome out of state visitors to Arkansas, Grady!

Just south of Grady

Grady, ArkansasJan 03, 20181 Comments

Same speed trap issues as the other stories for the most part. Unmarked car at a bend in road. As soon as I saw him I checked the speedometer, I was doing 77. He wrote the ticket for 80. Doing 80 in a 65 bumps the ticket to the next highest price bracket for the ticket. No way to contest it. His word vs mine. Good ol boys doing a great job taking in city revinue.

Hwy 65 in Grady, Ar

Grady, ArkansasMar 08, 20170 Comments

I was pulled over going 66 in a 65 mph zone in Grady, AR by an unmarked gray police car last Friday (3/3/17). I drive through Grady often so I know to slow down. The cop asked me if I knew why he pulled me over and I stated that it WASN’T because I was speeding. I gave him my driver’s license and insurance info and he went back to his car. About 5 mins. later, he comes back and hands me my license and insurance card and tells me to drive safely. No ticket, no warning, no nothing. Please slow down BELOW the speed limit to avoid being pulled over for no reason through Grady, AR.

Hwy 65, Grady, AR

Grady, ArkansasSep 13, 20150 Comments

Grady, AR (Pop:431) located 2-3 miles off the Hwy 65 that bypasses the city uses an unmarked black car with tinted windows. I have worked with law enforcement before and I found it interesting that a town that small would need an unmarked car (which by the way is probably the nicest car in town). I did indeed speed through the area to get to a family reunion (guilty). The officer was polite, but quickly (in about 3 minutes) wrote a ticket to an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran (on my license plate). On my way back home, I decided to check out the town and the police department. I parked across the street watching the car. When it left, it didn’t go anywhere but back to the bypass. This is obviously a revenue producer for this little town.

I65 bypass through Grady/Tamo

Grady, ArkansasMay 04, 20130 Comments

I make the drive from Jackson MS and Little Rock weekly and the one consistent speed trap is in the Grady/Tamo area. Its 65MPH through there, but the city cops run a trap, flipping the radar on and off as cars approach. The cars are unmarked and normally sit in the median or hidden off shoulder and they are difficult to spot. They don’t run 24/7, but they are out there and if you speed through there there is a good chance you will get nailed. It took the cops 2 minutes to finish writing my ticket. They are seasoned pros.

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