Oakland, California Speed Traps

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35th Avenue near 3900 Blk of 35th Ave

Oakland, CaliforniaJul 07, 20040 Comments

As you come down the hill from the exit of 35th Ave/Redwood off the 13 Freeway on 35th Avenue the policemen are near the bottom of the hill. About 4 blocks up from MacArthur Blvd. the ticket says Location: 3900 Blk of 35th Ave. Usually a few of them, today, 7/7/04 I counted at least 4 with a police car arriving during the writing of my ticket which slowed the writing down as they chit chatted with two officers in the car which parked behind where I was directed to back up and park.
The officer who used the radar gun stepped off the curb and went into the right hand lane to point the radar gun on me. I immediately braked but didn’t check my speed. My first reaction was, ‘someone walking into the street – slow down’ then I saw the gun and knew I’d been caught in this speed trap. They do this radar checking at least once a month and for a few days in a row. I’ve noticed it now off and on all this year. It could have been going on longer, I can’t remember. I know about it so I drive slowly when I see them. Today, I didn’t see them soon enough. No one goes the speed limit of 30 when they are not there. At the top of the hill it was posted at 35 then shortly farther down it is posted at 30. At the new School it is now posted at 25 on the opposite side of a 4 lane road with a cement divider with plants and trees in the divider. The officer mentioned the school to me while speaking about the ticket to me.

Park Blvd., from MacArthur down to East 18th Street

Oakland, CaliforniaJun 09, 20030 Comments

Driving down Park Blvd. to East 18th Street is all downhill. Once you past Oakland HS, there is only ONE traffic light until you reach East 18th. At Brooklyn and Park Blvd., the motorcycle police sit at the intersection, hitting all drivers with the radar. This activity continues down to 5th Ave., so SLOW DOWN.

Highway 13 southbound 1/2 mile before reaching eastbound 580

Oakland, CaliforniaNov 29, 20020 Comments

As you are going soutbound 13 and are 0.5 mile from merging on to 580 eastbound an CHP motorcycle is parked on the right shoulder with radar. He is hard to see in time because he is in the right hand curve on the right and you are going down hill and turning right. The BMW CHP bike has Ka band digital radar front and rear.

Highway 13/24 exchange

Oakland, CaliforniaOct 03, 20020 Comments

Police wait under bridge from the north 13 to west 24 ramp where the speed is posted at 45. Usually in the morning on random days. You won’t be able to see the police car until it’s too late.

San Leandro St., directly across from Coliseum BART Station

Oakland, CaliforniaAug 25, 20020 Comments

CHP parks in driveway of Coliseum Steel Company. All Officers have been known to racially profile.

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