San Francisco, California Speed Traps

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Sunset Boulevard near Sloat Boulevard

San Francisco, CaliforniaNov 03, 20070 Comments

Motorcycle cops usually 2 will use a radar to catch people as they come up the hill. They will have their bikes on the sidewalk behind the bus stop and will often times walk out to the crosswalk to stop traffic and pull people over right there. Also, the crosswalk now has a flashing yellow light for pedestrians. Make sure you stop if there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk and the yellow lights are flashing.

Clarendon Avenue near Panorama Drive

San Francisco, CaliforniaOct 15, 20070 Comments

I’ve seen them set up several speed traps around this area. Its a two lane wide road with few cross-streets and no houses, so traffic flow is typically 45mph. The zone is 35 sometimes 25mph school zone. They wait until just after you pass the school zone heading down the hill you think you are clear of the school as its 200 meters away but they nail you just before the speed limit sign goes back up to 35. Heading up the hill when it drops down to a 25 zone just after the crest it suddenly transitions to a downhill and you have to really get on the brakes to slow down. I see motorcycle cops hiding between cars in that 25mph segment before the stop sign to Twin Peaks Blvd.

Laguna Honda Boulevard near reservoir

San Francisco, CaliforniaSep 29, 20070 Comments

Motorcycle officer uses parked cars as a blind to target Northbound cars on Laguna Honda Blvd with radar gun. Speed limit along the reservoir portion of Laguna Honda Blvd is 35 mph hour then becomes 25 mph after a slight bend in the road. I have observed an officer there sometimes as early as 3:00 P.M. but usually during evening rush hour from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

3rd Street near China Basin

San Francisco, CaliforniaJul 26, 20070 Comments

Mostly before, during, and after a Giants game there is a motorcycle cop hiden at EVERY SINGLE intersection from 3rd and King all the way to Potrero Hill. This is all new construction so the cops are hard to see because they hide behind dumpsters and heavy machinery.

Eastbound Westborough Boulevard near golf course/park

San Francisco, CaliforniaJul 09, 20070 Comments

Motorcycle cop sitting aiming radar gun at traffic as it comes out of blind turn. Speed limit of 45 is posted, but flow is usually faster.

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