San Francisco, California Speed Traps

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Howard Rd & Lincoln Blvd

San Francisco, CaliforniaJun 27, 20092 Comments

New motorcycle cop has been hiding out here during commute hours and uses K band radar. I wasn’t speeding but got pulled over for tinted windows. Be cautious all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge along Lincoln Blvd, there are several other hiding spots he could use.

Stockton St & Bush St

San Francisco, CaliforniaJun 22, 20090 Comments

Lone motorcycle cop camps at the Sutter Street side of the Stockton Tunnel, radar tagging southbound traffic. Will pull multiple cars over at the same time.

All of 19th Avenue

San Francisco, CaliforniaMay 30, 20090 Comments

I don’t get off work till after midnight. Since a lot of younger drivers are driving home or to someone else’s house after a night of drinking, the cops have increased due to speeding. Anywhere from Park Presidio (Richmond district) to the Sunset, all along 19th Ave till you hit the 280 freeway right before SF State. Especially right before the freeway near the Lake Merced Apartments there’s a cop in hidden right before the on ramp to Brotherhood Way.

Fulton Street near 35th – 45th Avenue

San Francisco, CaliforniaJun 18, 20080 Comments

I live in the neighborhood, near 41st Avenue and have watched as they set up elaborate and well coordinated traps up and down Fulton st. from the beach (Highway 1) up to 35th Ave. One motorcycle cop will hide behind a parked car with a radar gun as up to 6 (as I counted) separate squad cars will line up on a cross street (35th to the beach) and none of them waited more than a minute to race off and ticket someone. It was just a constant movement of squad cars zooming off every another one took it’s place at the front of the line. Amazing to watch. As a resident, I am in favor of enforcing the traffic laws here…it’s gets very crazy and people are in too much of a hurry to get home and cure cancer.. slow down, everybody! Lots of kids and old folks are trying to cross the street..some of them make it…some of them don’t.

Euclid Avenue near Spruce Street

San Francisco, CaliforniaApr 21, 20080 Comments

This is my very first traffic ticket & scared the living daylights out of me when I saw the lights flashing in my rearview mirror! I was driving about 11pm and stopped as completely as is required but I started driving again so fast that I guess the cop that was parked on Spruce (southbound) thought that I ran the stop sign. I didn’t but the judge wouldn’t listen to me because I’m young & I drive a Miata … that’s what I call prejudiced! I was with my male dance partner, & I truly believe that if he weren’t in the car that the cop would’ve let me off with a warning. Lesson learned: innocent eyes and cute voice don’t always work, lol.

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