Turlock, California Speed Traps

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Geer Road

Turlock, CaliforniaJun 04, 20100 Comments

This speed trap is lengthy. There are patrol cars hidden in orchard driveways, side of road where there are dips. These cars will get you even if they are driving ahead of you! They have radar on the back of the car. I drive this way daily to work and see someone pulled over daily. This road begins as Albers Rd, and turns into Geer Road as you travel the same direction. Doesn’t matter, they are
waiting. Cross Roads are Milines, Dust Road, and Yosemite.

Christoffersen Parkway near McKenna Street

Turlock, CaliforniaFeb 24, 20090 Comments

Since grade schools, the junior high and the high school are close by, a motorcycle policeman sits at the intersection of McKenna and Christoffersen several days a week before school starts and after it ends and enforces a 40 MPH speed limit. I have also seen police on Christoffersen and Piccadilly, and Christoffersen and Crowell.

Crowell Road near UniversityMonteVista Way

Turlock, CaliforniaJun 30, 20080 Comments

Both TPD and the University Police are regularly clocking speeds on Crowell between Monte Vista and West Springer seemingly to slow traffic. This is an area of frequent near misses between pedestrians around the University and autos that are exceeding posted speed limits.

Dels Lane near Monte Vista Avenue

Turlock, CaliforniaJan 09, 20080 Comments

This is not so much a speed trap as it is a stop sign enforcement zone. Police park within 100 feet of the stop signs on any of the side streets to Dels, waiting for people to roll through the stop signs. This is enforced especially at night.

S. Golden State Boulevard near US Highway 99

Turlock, CaliforniaDec 09, 20070 Comments

Northbound Golden State Blvd. actually starts as an exit off of Northbound Hwy. 99 and southbound becomes a ramp to enter that highway heading south. This is the County line between Stanislaus and Merced counties so is patrolled by the CHP. They park on either side of Golden State in the bushes and run radar. The speed limit northbound is only marked just as you leave the highway and is set at 55mph. There is no speed limit set for southbound. There is only an "advisory" yellow 50 mph sign as you start on the ramp to SB Hwy 99. They will usually say that you clocked going 75mph. Period. For a while, there had never been a speed study done here. But Merced County recently did several on both sides of this divided road so you can’t use that for a defense anymore. But they haven’t added or updated their signage so that’s a problem for them. The Prima Facia speed limit for a divided road such as Golden State is 65mph unless a speed study justifies something different.

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