Walnut Creek, California Speed Traps

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Treat off ramp @680 S

Walnut Creek, CaliforniaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

While I have never been pulled over by this WCPD MC Cop, I lived on the nearest side street (if you were able to go straight, illegal) and especially during the summer, but year round, from 7am to 9am I would here whoop-whoop every 15 minutes. It was so often during the summer that when I left the window open, it would be difficult to sleep through. I wonder how many people he ticketed from not stopping completely on a red light before making a right turn vs people on their way to the many offices nearby trying to catch the light. Please comment and let me know if you have fallen victim to this.

Pleasant Hill Road at Geary Road Taylor Blvd. Split

Walnut Creek, CaliforniaDec 08, 20100 Comments

Right as you come around the bend and down Pleasant Hill Road heading north from Lafayette into Walnut Creek, there is a "Y" split in the road that can either lead you onto Geary Rd. towards Walnut Creek (Palos Verdes Shopping Center), or if you bear left it will lead you onto Taylor Blvd. towards Pleasant Hill and eventually Concord. CHP vehicles routinely park just around this bend, where the speed limit drops to 35. It is very common for motorists to be doing 50 at this location. By the time you come around the bend and see the cops, it’s too late…they will have their radar pointed right at you, and it’s "Smile, you’re on candid radar!" I got nailed here for doing 55 in a 35, and have seen dozens of others get pulled over as well. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for the cops. They can literally pull people over and write a ticket every 60 seconds if they wanted to.

Broadway, just north of Rudgear Road

Walnut Creek, CaliforniaMay 03, 20100 Comments

On south Broadway, just north of Rudgear Road there is a cinderblock fence with a short driveway in front of it on the east side of the road. WC police often park there with radar guns. They are hidden to all drivers going north on Broadway and many are ticketed. Those driving south on Broadway and speeding see the car too late to avoid a radar ticket. Some may recall that this is the area where the Kinder fuel line explosion happened five years ago.

N. Main Street

Walnut Creek, CaliforniaFeb 20, 20090 Comments

When you come off the freeway exit to N. Main going south, there is always a motorcycle cop at Motel 6, where you cannot see them until too late. As you are passing them you see they have the gun on you.

Rudgear Road near San Miguel Drive

Walnut Creek, CaliforniaMay 05, 20080 Comments

Rudgear Rd. just east of San Miguel Dr., the speed limit will drop from 35 mph down to 25 mph. Usually a motorcycle cop with radar in hand will be sitting just past this transition. It is very easy to still be going 35 or 30 mph at this point. At 41 years old, this was my only speeding ticket since I was 16. As you guessed, it kinda ruined my day!

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