Commerce City, Colorado Speed Traps

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Tower Road near 104th

Commerce City, ColoradoJan 07, 20200 Comments

11:30 pm my Son and I were being picked up at the airport by my Husband. We were relieved to be on our way home. We got off of Pena and went north onto Tower road toward 104th. Once we were on Tower it was dark and not well lit. With no visible speed limit signs we went with the flow of traffic. Unfortunately we were the last car in the flow. A police officer who was sitting in the median on the other side of Tower was waiting patiently for a break in the traffic on our side to obviously pull someone over. After we passed the police car the officer quickly made a u turn and got behind us in the turn lane to go westbound on 104th. It was after the turn that the officer pulled us over and gave my Husband a ticket. This happened around midnight. The travel weary are especially vulnerable because they just want to go home. It was a unnecessary stop and clearly a form of entrapment.

104th Ave between Hwy 2 and Chambers

Commerce City, ColoradoSep 26, 20111 Comments

Speed is 45 through here. 50 is probably OK, any more and you’ll be visited by the cash hungry Commerce City PD. Running both marked, but hidden well off the road cruisers and motorcycle units hidden among the side streets and in the median cut outs.

120th west of Hwy 85

Commerce City, ColoradoSep 05, 20110 Comments

Eastbound on 120th Ave just west of highway 85 speed drops from 50 to 45 then to 35 in about 200 yards

I-270 & Vasquez

Commerce City, ColoradoFeb 01, 20110 Comments

The local PD pretty much set up camp along 270, mostly at Vasquez. It would behove everybody to just do the speed limit while traveling that stretch of highway between York and Quebec. Just ask me, I got a $170 ticket for going 15 miles over the speed limit while trying to pass a car that was only going 40mph.

104th & Chambers

Commerce City, ColoradoMay 27, 20102 Comments

They sit across from the 7-11 parking lot at the vet office. Speed limit is 35 then changes to 30 mph. You cant see these suckas at 4am when your on your way to work.In additon to that On Memphis street at the Landmark academy school watch out for the motorcycle cop giving out parking tickets at 3:30 pm when your picking up the kids. this fool has no mercy his kid is in my daughters class and he knows who you are.

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