Federal Heights, Colorado Speed Traps

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92nd Avenue between Federal and Pecos

Federal Heights, ColoradoJul 22, 20100 Comments

This is a trap functions as a "cash cow" for the City of Federal Heights. The entire "city" is built on a hilltop at the Federal Blvd end drops precariously eastbound on 92nd Avenue, dropping steadily the entire run of 4 blocks to Pecos. The 3 traffic cops take turns sitting in a field on the south side of the street, clocking cars as they crest the hill and begin the drop to Pecos. There is usually a motorcycle cop parked just back of a side street that serves as the entrance to a trailer park on the north side of 92nd. They have to chase any "speeder" quickly, as their jurisdiction is only 4 blocks long. Their usual tactic is to chase a group of cars and ticket the first one that stops. The hill is so steep that one has to ride one’s brake all the way down the hill, since the speed limit is only 35 MPH, and the average car, given the steep grade, will ROLL faster than 35! The speed limits in the both the communities that share 92nd Avenue – Westminster and Thornton – both have the standard Denver Metro limit of 45 MPH.

West 92nd Avenue near Bryant Drive

Federal Heights, ColoradoMay 24, 20070 Comments

Johnny Law uses the wood fence along 92nd as a blind. Parks in vacant lot across from church.

Pecos Street near 88th Avenue

Federal Heights, ColoradoMar 16, 20060 Comments

There are 5 different vehicles using mobile radar guns patroling up and down this 1/4 mile section. The northbound traffic fights to maintain speed going uphill while southbound traffic has to ride the breaks to maintain the 35 mph that is posted brefly before (blocked by bus sign from road) and after speed trap.

Pecos Street near Niver Creek Middle School

Federal Heights, ColoradoMar 16, 20061 Comments

A Federal Heaights police officer SItting in an unmarked squad car sits at the end of a row of faculty cars outside the School. Northbound you can see him clearly but southbound is a downhill slope where you must ride your breaks in order to do the manditory crawl of 20mph

92nd Avenue near Federal Boulevard

Federal Heights, ColoradoOct 01, 20050 Comments

The entire economy of this small town is based on speeding tickets. The population is only 12,000 and they have 3 traffic officers whose only job is to catch speeders. The city council is thinking about adding a 4th traffic officer to increase the city income.

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