South Fork, Colorado Speed Traps

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US160 in South Fork, CO

South Fork, ColoradoSep 10, 20130 Comments

The 65 MPH speed limit on US160 drops down to 40MPH for a couple miles through the small town of South Fork. The South Fork city cops setup a speed trap almost daily in this section. The exact location varies slightly within this 2 miles of reduced 40 MPH limit. Sometimes on the east side, sometimes on the west side.

West US 160 past the summit of Wolf Creek Pass

South Fork, ColoradoDec 10, 20120 Comments

About a mile west of the summit of Wolf Creek Pass, US160 there is a long down hill section of the highway (Approx. 1 mile+ long). On the right side of the road there are two (2) rock wall structures to catch falling rock. There is enough space on the back side for a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). He has a perfect position to catch vehicles coming down hill or coming uphill without being seen until too late. The speed limit is 45mph. The 8% grade and the length of the run causes the vehicle to exceed the 45mph really quick. It only takes a few seconds to exceed the 45mph and the LEO has you. He’ll tell you that you exceeded the threshhold for a warning and proceed to give you a ticket approaching $200.00 with the surcharge. My advice is to switch to a lower gear and ride the brakes to keep the speed under 45mph. The heavier the vehicle the lower the gear. This is definately a speed trap. It has all the makings, long downhill run, 7-8% grade, and a likely place to hide without detection until your right on top of the LEO.

1/2 Mile west of South Fork,hwy 160

South Fork, ColoradoAug 25, 20100 Comments

Hwy 160 @ Beaver Creek road is a graveled area S/W of the bridge. This is our
City patrolmans favorite spot. They can hardly get a sip of coffee before off after another one. It is 50 mph out of town because the excelleration noise from trucks and cars reverberate off the valley’s rock walls. It is 50 until ya’ get to go like hell up the passing lane. Pay attention, you could bag a deer or elk, they make wonderful hood oinaments. Hurry and come through our little town. They don’t give warnings and leave us your money. Don’t Speed-Please!

West of Town on Hwy 160

South Fork, ColoradoJul 05, 20101 Comments

When approaching South Fork going east on 160, the speed limit drop to 50. Around a corner (rock wall on Left) you’ll be seen be a cop hiding in the willows and bushes. His favorite spot is in a gravel parking lot by a bridge on the South side of the road. He can also get people that are leaving South Fork headed west from this point.

East Side of Town on Route 160

South Fork, ColoradoDec 26, 20090 Comments

The ‘town’ is a scattered collection of gas stations and C-stores. Speed limit drops to 40 and returns to 55 coming out of town. Local police looking for out of state plates. Be aware!

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