Cocoa, Florida Speed Traps

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On Friday Road that connects Hy 520 and 524

Cocoa, FloridaFeb 20, 20140 Comments

Brevard County Sherriff Office set this trap up on a 25 MPH section Of Friday Road. They hide in a parking lot and shoot radar and step out in the road and line all of the cars up and write tickets as fast as they can. Two officers had 6 cars in the parking lot at the same time.

SR 528 / Beachline between US1 (W) & Cocoa Beach (E) — Multiple Traps

Cocoa, FloridaApr 17, 20100 Comments

Moving eastbound:

Speed limit drops from 70 to 55 mph for the duration beginning at SR 524 / Industry Road exits. Highway is curving left. You’re going up an overpass crossing US1. Coming down the other side is a double dip. US1 traffic will be entering on your right as the first dip flattens a bit. Watch out for non-signaled and last-second merges out into the hammer lane. Trap is on left in the median just as you’re hitting the second dip. Very hard to spot from either direction. Usually Cocoa police, maybe always. Can be anytime, day or night. I’ve heard they sometimes park on the right at the bottom of that dip too just before you start up over the big bridge, but I’ve personally never seen them there.

At Courtenay Parkway / US3 exit/entrance:

Mainly on eastbound side, although I’ve seen people pulled over between there and the bottom of the big bridge heading westbound too. I’d like to say this is mainly at night, but this stretch is a double trap on the eastbound side. About a half-mile east of the exit is a small up-and-down over a shallow narrow no-wake zone. It’s enough to block your view of the road ahead though. Immediately on the other side they’ll sometimes be parked in the median. I have seen them there during daylight hours.

I never was able to figure out where they sat at the US3 interchange or how they were able to stop vehicles so close to it until the first time I saw a vehicle pulled over one night almost to the big bridge on the westbound side. It then hit me it has to be a two-car operation; the shooter sitting on the westbound entrance picking off eastbound traffic, the chase car rolling out of the eastbound entrance to the Beachline as the timed vehicle crosses the interchange. Ergo the short distance to the stops. Most people know to keep it below 58 on the westbound, so the shooter very rarely comes rolling out to chase someone down.

Banana River Drive at SR 528 / Beachline:

Just east of this interchange is a small bridge crossing the Banana River. I’ve never seen any there during daylight hours, but late at night / early AM is a totally different story. This is a particularly dark stretch of highway and they’re tough to spot even on ‘your’ side of the bridge. Almost always two cars, can be on either side of the bridge and are usually FHP.. although I have seen 1 FHP & 1 BCSD together there. This area used to be extremely active when the gambling ships were in full force — people heading back to Orlando & vicinity after the boats docked. To a lesser degree, I’ve seen BCSD sitting on the entrance ramp both day and night.

Cruise Ship Terminals / CCAFS Cloverleaf at SR 528 / Beachline:

SR 528 is an overpass here. The speed limit is just about to drop to 45 mph on the eastbound side, but has already increased to 55 mph on the westbound side. On occasion there will be 2 cars in the median somewhere just east of this overpass. It’s more likely one will be sitting along the eastbound entrance, which has areas impossible to see from the highway and is already into the 45 mph zone. A couple of times I’ve seen two cars in the median on the west side of the cloverleaf too, but they generally defer to the Banana River Drive locations.. I’m guessing to let drivers build up a head of steam.

Range-Michigan Road near Clearlake Avenue

Cocoa, FloridaFeb 13, 20080 Comments

From Michigan to Range Road or Vs-Vs, behied Cocoa High School. Unmarked. No tolarence. Un-populated portion at the bend. 30MPH, fernado 31 and you will buy one._

State Route 528 near US Highway 1

Cocoa, FloridaOct 16, 20071 Comments

Cocoa Police are using an unmarked Silver Dodge Charger on SR 528. Frequently seen hidding on east side of either Industry Road overpass or US 1 overpass.

State Route 520 near Interstate 95

Cocoa, FloridaSep 25, 20070 Comments

Between Interstate 95 and the Beachline (528) in the mornings and in the afternoons both during peak traffic hours on St Rd 520 there are both FHP and Brevard Sheriffs on both sides of the roads on cross streets hidden as well as officers in the center median that you do not see until you cross the bridge. This is daily and highly enforced in the am and pm rush hours.

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