Hampton, Florida Speed Traps

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Hwy 301

Hampton, FloridaMar 11, 20140 Comments

no question it is a speed trap- CNN and Yahoo have featured it as such

Hampton, FL, Hwy 301

Hampton, FloridaSep 16, 20120 Comments

Got pulled for doing 65mph in a 55mph zone by the Hampton PD. Pulled me out of a pack of cars doing the same speed and gave me a $191 ticket. AAA warns you about Waldo being a speed trap, but this sleazy little podunk intersection sneaks up on you just BEFORE Waldo. Hampton extended their city limits to Hwy 301 and put in a 55mph zone a few years ago specifically to line their city coffers. The story made the local newspaper, but I had not heard anything about them recently. I guess that they are back at their old tricks.

This is my first speeding ticket in 41 years of driving!

Hampton, Florida on 301

Hampton, FloridaJan 03, 20120 Comments

This is entrapment. Got ticket for 66 in sudden 55 zone. Was rolling in traffic and the majority of people don’t know about the sudden speed drop so they can just pick car after car. And they will push your ticket up so it’s at least 10mph over. That’s a ticket of $191. The whole thing is a scam to create revenue and should be illegal. If you get a ticket here fight it and complain to your legislators. There is no justification from a safety standpoint to harass citizens like this.

Right at the intersection of 301 – in Hampton

Hampton, FloridaJul 18, 20111 Comments

The speed limit drops from 65 to 55, if you blink you’ll miss the sign – it comes right up on a traffic light (just recently installed – probably to increase traffic fines). Have been driving this stretch for 4 years commuting back and forth from St. Augustine, FL to the Univ. of Florida. They got me this morning – I couldn’t believe it. I swear I was going over 62 mph. My driving record is (was) spotless. I tried to explain this, the officer was polite enough – said "I’ll see what I can do for you". What he did for me was cite me for 67 mph in a 55 mph zone (if they get you for over 10 mph, the ticket amount ramps up) – a $191 fine. Thanks a lot officer! Unfortunately I cannot avoid this stretch of highway until I graduate. I will make a point of not buying any gasoline, food, etc. along this stretch of 301. I drive over 40,000 miles a year (with my regular job) across the entire SE. This stretch of about 30 miles from Starke, FL – the intersection of Hwy 16 and 301 to Waldo is the worst excuse for abuse of authority (police) that I have ever encountered.

U.S. 301 and County Road 18

Hampton, FloridaJun 08, 20110 Comments

Didn’t even notice intersection, gps said 63 mph. City officer wrote ticket for 65 in 55 zone. Was stopped in Alachua County. Not sure the legality there. base fine goes from $25 for 6-9 mph over to $100 at 10 mph. I guess they think I won’t fight this. City limits is only 730 feet on US 301. To see definition of speed trap look at Hampton Florida city limits on google earth. Florida has very liberal public records law, you can request everything, radio logs, radar logs, officer personnel file and more. Officer wrote on ticket he was 612.8 feet from me when clocked, I do not believe I was in the city limits at that point based on where he likes to sit. If county court railroads this it will get appealed to circuit court.

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