Key Largo, Florida Speed Traps

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New Jewfish Creek bridge

Key Largo, FloridaJan 14, 20120 Comments

Two traps. On south side going up bridge, cops set up a radar tripod and wave cars over. On north side, going down bridge towards Florida City, a service road merges with U.S. 1. When you approach on U.S. 1, it looks like a passing lane as it is not immediately marked “merge”. Good chance an older unmarked car will progressively slow down in front of you, encouraging you to pass. Multiple cop cars sit at end of the lane and wave you over. It’s a ticket mill. If you take it to the County Court on Plantation Key, the cop will testify that you had a bad attitude, although there’s no chance to show any attitude, and the judge will find you guilty, often making disparaging remarks. Comes across as a serious scam.

Scool zone

Key Largo, FloridaApr 18, 20110 Comments

light not flashing in 20 mph scool zone some times. In morning the sun is in your eyes so it is hard to see.

Card Sound Bridge

Key Largo, FloridaAug 21, 20100 Comments

As you travel northbound over the Card Sound Bridge the FHP and MCSO sit with radar at the foot of the bridge before the toll booth….as you cross the apex of the bridge they lock on and stand there waiting for you….the bridge is a 45mph zone between the 55mph on either side. I have also seen the grey unmarked Charger (MCSO) sitting in the parking lot on the southside of the bridge shooting radar as you enter the reduced speed zone. The Charger is using laser so the radar detecters are useless when he turns it on.

Rt. 905 / Card Sound Road

Key Largo, FloridaAug 18, 20100 Comments

Look for an unmarked dark grey Dodge Charger that sits back from the road at a few hiding spots along the east side of the highway. Not to be overlooked is the area by the stop light at the Ocean Reef/Miami turn, as they pull cars back in the small parking lot area, so as not to be visible when traveling north. They’re also looking for people passing other vehicles on this seemingly open/unwatched road. But remember, it’s under scrutiny much of the time. When coming south, through the flashing stop light, keep the speed at 45, where they kept a tighter watch earlier, but it’s a sometimes area they patrol.

Half mile south of CR 905 and Card Sound Road Intersection

Key Largo, FloridaAug 16, 20100 Comments

The FHP and MCSO both sit behind the bushes as the road curves coming out of the 55 mph zone going into a 45 mph heading northbound towards the stoplight. Heading south they sit just beyond the curve in the treeline where you cannot see them till it is too late.

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