Seminole, Florida Speed Traps

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On 113th Street, West side four Blocks north of 102nd Ave.

Seminole, FloridaJul 28, 20160 Comments

They sit on Church propery. almost every where. (even south of building on side walk! )

Tollgate Trail (Woodlands subdivision)

Seminole, FloridaJan 12, 20110 Comments

MC cops sit at 2-3 diff. places on Tollgate Trail regularly. Speed limit is 20MPH on Tollgate. (especially toward the back, North End) From what I am told they watch heavy because of Woodlands Elem. school and Rock Lake Middle school. They say no breaks if 25 or over. The MC cop told me a little girl was hit in the back of Tollgate a few years ago. Note I also saw a female deputy sheriff giving tickets at the N End of Tollgate trail to parents parking in the No Parking zone to pick up their kids.

Lake Markham rd

Seminole, FloridaNov 18, 20100 Comments

Speed limit is 35 and they have been on motor cycles in multiple locations and sometimes you think you pass one and there will be another one further on down the road. The sit back in the woods and behind the lake sylvan park sign.

Johnson Blvd. One block West of Seminole Blvd.

Seminole, FloridaNov 05, 20100 Comments

They sit near the bus stop, sometimes standing in the trees with radar guns. This is a 25mph zone. Most travel at 45mph and don’t even realize their speeding.
This is the same unmarked officer that sits West of Lake Seminole on Park Blvd, These are his favorite spots.

113th St. (Duhme Rd.) by Seminole Library

Seminole, FloridaOct 29, 20100 Comments

They like to sit right in front of the Seminole Library scanning north on southbound vehicles on Duhme Road. I’ve noted as many as four deputy sherriff’s lined up in marked cars next to and behind an unmarked vehicle (usually dark blue/maroon and is the one with the radar gun) blocking you from seeing the white/green sherriff’s cars. I’m not sure what their speed criteria is but the limit is 40 through there. I’ve driven past doing about 48 and didn’t get hit but anything over 50 is probably risky. It’s right near the Seminole City Hall and the S.O. wants to make sure that the Seminole City Council knows they are getting their money’s worth for the county sherriff’s police enforcement. They set this trap at least once a week and I always see folks pulled over.

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