Shalimar, Florida Speed Traps

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North end of Shalimar Bridge

Shalimar, FloridaMar 23, 20110 Comments

Cop at the foot of the bridge, hidding behind shrubbery. People speed up to cross over the bridge, speed limit drops once you have crossed the Shalimar bridge – and they got you. You must cross the bridge slower than the "allowed" speed limit to not get caught.

By Air Armament Museum on Hwy 85

Shalimar, FloridaOct 12, 20100 Comments

There frequently is a black unmarked car or other Sheriff’s car parked just off the road by the Air Armament Museum to catch northbound speeders coming down off the overpass just south of there on Highway 85. The speed limit is 45 mph and it is easy to go faster coming downhill.

West end of General Bond cut off (road)

Shalimar, FloridaJun 22, 20100 Comments

This is a two lane,one way road that cuts off a big corner from Hwy 85 to Lewis Turner blvd. Three state troopers will set up at the West end of the road where the two lanes merge back in to one.Trooper#1 stands off the side of the road with a tripod mounted radar(laser)gun getting you as you top the hill.Trooper#2 stands in the middle of the merge lane flagging 2 or 3 cars over at the time.Trooper#3 uses the hood of his patrol car to dispense the tickets to everyone.They have a nice little production line going. The speed drops from 55 to 45 as you top the hill and then to 35 closer to the end.

Between the Shalimar Bridge and Eglin AFB

Shalimar, FloridaMay 06, 20100 Comments

A white unmarked Dodge truck cruses between those two points and the truck has a brush guard and other things that make it inconspicuious there is zero tolerance. It’s all about money folks.

Eglin Parkway near Racetrack Road

Shalimar, FloridaAug 11, 20060 Comments

on Eglin Parkway when you are getting ready to cross the Shalimar bridge the will be a Shalimar cop parked at the Sahlimar side of the bridge underneath two trees, and by the time you see him its way too late. every time I cross that bridge he is there 8 times out of 10 and they never give a break. he is always parked on the northbound side of the bridge and is blocked by shrubs and trees. Hope I helped

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