Acworth, Georgia Speed Traps

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Baker Road within city limits

Acworth, GeorgiaSep 25, 20180 Comments

Baker road as you enter Acworth city limit.

Acworth PD will sit at the advance auto store entrance. Enforcement is nights and midday at random. There one minute, gone the next. Every day.

Acworth PD will sit at the waffle house parking lot as well (nights only, typically after 12am).

Acworth PD will sit at the park and ride parking lot (nights only).

Bonus, because it is so close; Acworth pd will chill at the I75 exit for highway 92 and watch for violations of the pointless and somewhat recent NO TURN ON RED sign and traffic signal for the offramp. Not a popular spot but they are there now and then only looking for this violation specifically.

They are typically professional and not overly ticket hungry but there is a lot of riff raff in that stretch of road so plenty of fishing takes place

Wade Green Rd

Acworth, GeorgiaSep 10, 20180 Comments

Anywhere on it now. From the county line to highway 92 either direction. Daily enforcement at random times, evenings too.

They now sit next to the county line sign too as you are leaving the county so the actual stop takes place in the next county, but the offense is still in cherokee.

Limit is 40, but extremely, and i mean it, extremely easy to slide into upper 50s or even 60s, especially heading into COBB as the road slightly slopes down.

Easy pickings.

Cedarcrest Rd. Cobb County, west of US 41 Cobb Pkwy.

Acworth, GeorgiaSep 04, 20180 Comments

Cedarcrest Rd. has been expanded to four (4) lanes with a median divider from Cobb Pkwy, US 41, to the Pauling County line. The speed limit is 35 mph. Drivers going north on Cobb Pkwy are used to 55- 65+ mph. Turning left on newly four (4) lane Cedarcrest Rd. keeps up that pace but speed limit is 35 mph. Cobb County Police set up traps with motorcycle packs and sometimes cars. Speed limit changes to 45 mph at the Paulding County line and that’s where the road becomes only two (2) lanes. Go figure. BTW, traps are active eastbound in the AM coming from Paulding County and active in the PM going to Paulding County.

Wade green rd, before highway 92

Acworth, GeorgiaJan 19, 20180 Comments

unincorporated Cherokee county. they sit at the tire place (which is before the storage place) after hours so its convenient for you to pull at the citgo 500 ft up and receive your citation. rarely they might be located further south on the same road in one of the turn lanes.

typically its the county traffic unit that likes this spot (black livery vs white for the regular ones). limit is 40 but people will blast with over 60. don’t feed them and they might go away.

Highway 92, W of wade green @ lumus supply co parking lot

Acworth, GeorgiaJan 24, 20170 Comments

Since they raised the SL on SR92 to 55 in parts Cherokee county has been really hurting to get revenue in that area. They still sit in the 55mph areas but its slim pickings.

Their latest and rather persistent spot is the parking lot of the lumus supply company. They are there often at dark (8pm+) and at any time on event days (national holidays when the business is closed). they sit deep into it so heading west you won’t see them unless you are starring at the very spot.. really abusing the 500ft visibility distance per state law.

can enforce both directions of travel. they don’t seem overly aggressive and you might not get them to light you until you cross 60mph (in 45). but don’t give them the pleasure and maybe they will go away… they hardly have any customers as is.

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