Austell, Georgia Speed Traps

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Thornton Rd

Austell, GeorgiaMar 22, 20160 Comments

Its a 6 lane drive with light traffic, nice and straight. The speed limit is 45 and it is right off the interstate I -20. Its very easy to be going over 60 MPH flowing along with traffic.

Thornton Rd @ I-20

Austell, GeorgiaMar 28, 20110 Comments

If you’re coming off of I-20 W be mindful of your speed coming off the highway. This is the city of Austell but the county of Douglas. Douglas County PD sit in the driveways of the car rental and dealership lots. You could easily mistake them for a car for sale until you get right up on them or their lights are in your rear view.

East-West Connector from Austell to Kennesaw

Austell, GeorgiaJun 04, 20100 Comments

All up and down this road at various spots. The road is fairly new. It goes from Smyrna, on through Austell, and up to Kennesaw. A divided Highway that is 2 lanes both ways. It is fairly straight and smooth. There are several stretches where there are no drive ways, no cross streets, no turn offs at all for more than 2 miles. It is very easy to allow your speed to creep up over the speed limit, which is 45mph from start to finish. I have personally seen a group catching speeders at one point, then a mile or so down the road, there will be another group of police watching the same direction. This road is fast getting the nick name of "Revenue Road" among those of us that travel it on a regular basis. So if you are on this road and you are coming up on a curve you can’t see around, expect them to be there. And just because you go by one group, don’t be tricked into thinking you can speed up again.

C.H. James Pkwy (hwy 278)

Austell, GeorgiaMar 30, 20100 Comments

There’s an Austell cop who back’s in during a stretch between Garrett Rd and Oglesby Rd. You will not see him until you’re right upon him!

State Highway 78 near Shortly after Hickory House towards downtown Austell.

Austell, GeorgiaDec 11, 20070 Comments

The speed limit drops from 45 mph to 35 mph without noticeable warning (just a regular speed limit sign) and no apparent reason. There is almost always an officer parked a building away from the sign that states the new limit, and he generally gets you right has you see the sign before you have a chance to change speeds. He is not easy to see from where he tends to park (in a bank parking lot past Kelly Cars, or beside a smaller dealership where he blends in with the cars).

(Bankhead Hwy, Hwy 78)

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