Brunswick, Georgia Speed Traps

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McIntosh County, Darien, Georgia

Brunswick, GeorgiaDec 26, 20230 Comments

I’m 58 with no tickets or criminal record.
I was driving north bound from Florida heading to North Carolina to spend Christmas with the family. In no hurry and was in the slow lane keeping up with the traffic. Traffic was packed so really couldn’t go much faster. I had my cruise control set at 70 when I noticed blue lights coming up behind us. Much to my surprise he pulled in behind my white tundra. When the officer came up to my window the first thing he said was drivers license and registration. I asked why was he pulling me over and he said he clocked me going 86 miles an hour. I became furious because I knew he was lying. I then asked for his superior which created a hostile environment when I didn’t just bow down to his entrapment. When the sergeant arrived with extra backup, they came to my window and I explained to her I was not speeding and felt this was entrapment or they had the wrong vehicle. Without notice the officer opened my door and the pulled me out and arrested me. While putting handcuffs on me the officer said he’s resisting even though I wasn’t. Confused as to what was going on.. yes! but didn’t resist. They arrested me and took me to their jail house and started the arrest process. Everyone there was extremely rude and over ruling. I kept asking what law did I violate to be treated this way. I decided from this point I would not say anything until I had a lawyer present. If I didn’t answer their question’s they would retaliate and leave me in a closed, very cold chamber, on the concrete floor. No where to sit except for the metal toilet. I started to shivering uncontrollably. They would come to the door and ask if I was ready to be finger printed and answer there question’s. So much for our civil right under the constitution and due process. I was treated like trash or cattle going to the chop house. At this point I still was not able to make a phone call to my lawyer or loved ones who is now worried about me not answering my cell phone. Once finger printed they made me strip all my close off with 8-9 officers threatening to pounce on me if I didn’t. I have never been more humiliated in my life. A few of the officer were women. Now in my new dirty smelly jump suit, I got to make a call but at that point all I could do was to leave a message of what has happened to me. They took me and put me into jail. for 2 days. 2nd day I go in front of the magistrate and he set me up with a $1800 bond that had to be paid before I could get out. Finally get out but only to find out that they impounded my truck. Now I have no ride and I’m in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t care, It was my problem the female officer said running the show. I call the # for the towing company around 2 in the afternoon and he wasn’t close by and couldn’t release my truck until next day. Bail lady gave me a ride to the nearest waffle house where I had to call an uber to take me to the airport to rent a car. Retrieved my truck the next day for $275. All this over allegedly speeding. COPS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! Still have to deal with the 4 charges brought against me. This will cost me a lot of money I can’t afford.

Interstate 95 south bound (Near Brunswick)

Brunswick, GeorgiaMar 15, 20130 Comments

The officer using the lazer was on a bridge over the interstate. There was what looked to be a pile of something next to the rail. I was about 200 hundred feet from the bridge when I saw that it was someone hiding under a cover of some kind.

US 17 from the Sidney Lanier Bridge to GA25-Spur

Brunswick, GeorgiaApr 10, 20120 Comments

Brunswick Police routinely run radar/lidar in this area, particularly at the base of the Lanier Bridge and near Fourth Street. Enforcement has increased markedly since November 2011 when SPLOST VI (a local option sales tax) was rejected by the voters.

Bottom of Sidney Lanier Bridge on state highway 17/25

Brunswick, GeorgiaSep 01, 20110 Comments

Local PD waits by the 45mph sign as you come off the bridge at an angle so steep you can’t help but gain speed. They claim it’s the second sign. They pick out of state vehicles and they show no leniency if you’ve never had a ticket of any kind. They just want you to mail in your money. There are no “Reduce Speed Ahead” warning signs. Even the locals will tell you it is a speed trap and they target tourists.

Buckswamp Rd

Brunswick, GeorgiaJul 29, 20110 Comments

Hwy 17 (55 mph) turns onto Buckswamp Rd. The speed limit is 35 and is not posted for at least 1/4 mile. Many "boys in blue" live near here.

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