Greenville, Georgia Speed Traps

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GA Hwy 41/US 27 Alternate North of Town

Greenville, GeorgiaMay 31, 20151 Comments

Travelling south on GA41 as you get closer to town, the speed limit drops 55>45>35. There is really nothing in the 35 zone that warrants such a restriction. You are also on a slight downhill grade. The officer sits at an old car wash on the left, which is exactly where the drop to 35 starts. It’s best to ride your brakes in and plan on already being at 35 when you get to that sign. This is a classic small town speed trap that’s ideal to gouge money from unassuming out-of-towners. I live 2 hours away and it’s not really feasible to take half a day to ask for mercy from their “court.” The officer and the ticket both use language to make sure you know that they will have your license suspended if you do not pay the ticket. The ticket is for 54 in a 35 which seems to be a common number on this board. The fine (paid online) is an outrageous $207. This revenue generator is a shameful abuse of authority.

Any of the 4 major exits from the downtown "square".

Greenville, GeorgiaNov 05, 20131 Comments

When exiting the downtown area, any exiting passage is limited to 25 MPH. In "line of sight" from the 25 MPH signs there are signs indicating a 35 MPH limit. It is very easy to exceed the 25 MPH limit when exiting the downtown area and very easy to miss the 25 MPH postings when accelerating to the line of sight 35 MPH postings. TRAPPED either way.

109 East of Greenville

Greenville, GeorgiaJul 10, 20100 Comments

Just as you leave the courthouse square in Greenville on East 109 the speed limit if 25 miles and hour. It quickly changes to 35 miles and hour. At the 35 mile and hour zone you are coming down a steep hill. The cop sits there and runs radar on you as you come down the hill. At the bottom of the hill the speed limit changes to 55 miles an hour. When he stopped my husband the 55 mile an hour sign was only a few feet away and he said he was going 54 miles and hour in a 35 mile an hour zone. This is dirty and should be unlawful. Beware, as I am sure he is stopping everyone coming down the hill. Unless you ride your brakes you will always be going over the speed limit in this zone.

West bound on Hwy 109 just past the railroad overpass

Greenville, GeorgiaApr 28, 20100 Comments

Just west of the courthouse, no more than a 1/2 mile, on the out bound side, the speed limit is 35MPH. No more than about 50 yards apart, on the inbound lanes the speed limit is 25MPH. Be careful

State Route 109

Greenville, GeorgiaNov 07, 20090 Comments

Traveling on Highway 109 east of the Courthouse Circle, the road is a fairly steep downhill grade. The speed limit is 25MPH at the top, and 35MPH at the bottom. Any time of day enforcement is busy ticketing those who don’t ride their brakes downhill.

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