Kennesaw, Georgia Speed Traps

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George Busbee Parkway near Shiloh Road

Kennesaw, GeorgiaNov 15, 20070 Comments

Heading south on george busbee (which ends at the wade green junction a mile to the north), at the 2nd (main) entrance to Villas at Kennesaw, Cobb county will position themselves in the turn lane to VaK and clock in the afternoon. They are there for a few minutes only but it’s easy pickings. 200 feet down the same road, There is a power transfer station. In the driveway of that, Kennesaw City police will park and clock traffic right before the traffic light @ shiloh rd. Speed limit is 35 until the chastain road intersection but people will do 50-60. Do not.. i can’t exemplify how many times someone has passed on me busbee and gotten nailed 10 feet down. There are 8+ spots on that 2 mile road that county, campus and city police clock at. The whole road down to Barret parkway is a major speed trap….Be aware that the units clocking southbound are only a mere turn away from going after speeders heading north. They will jump the median/curb to make a fast shift to the northbound lanes, particularly at night. They don’t care what they drive through to get you. Also KSU police will pull some insane u-turns all over busbee to go after people just because they hit the gas… not to actually pull them over but to be ready, if they do speed up down the road. They’ve almost caused wrecks doing this. So this sums up busbee parkway I think.

Jiles Road near Bridges of Kennesaw Apartments

Kennesaw, GeorgiaOct 19, 20070 Comments

The police hide in darker spots of the road with no lights on. They sit in the turn lane on either side of the entrance to the apartment and focus primarily on cars that come around the TURN IN THE ROAD too fast.

McCullum Parkway near Pinetree Country Club

Kennesaw, GeorgiaOct 14, 20070 Comments

Pass Pinetree Country Club on your left and the speed limit is 25 mph till you reach the next stop sign. I know quite a few people who’ve been caught here, and it’s a steep fine.

US Highway 41

Kennesaw, GeorgiaOct 12, 20071 Comments

As you drive north on US41, right after you enter Kennesaw city, there is a right turn lane that leads onto the OLD US41. City cops will hide around there deep into the business parking lots and nail you for speeding or any other imaginable traffic offense, such as entering the right turn lane too early, crossing white lines and so forth.

Also be aware that KPD do have light meters and might ticket you for tint while you are there, just for fun. You never know who pulls you over and if they have the meter, be ready.

Shiloh Road near Wade Green Road

Kennesaw, GeorgiaOct 03, 20070 Comments

Between Bells Ferry Road and Wade Green Road on Shiloh Road and both the early morning rush hour and the afternoon rush the Kennesaw police are in full force. They sit in three different office park (parking lots) out of view waiting for anything possible to write a ticket. Be especially cautious the closer you get to Wade Green Road.

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