Senoia, Georgia Speed Traps

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SR16 (Wells St.) and Pylant street

Senoia, GeorgiaApr 12, 20180 Comments

They catch you coming down the hill 1000 ft before Pylant street and SR16, and about 250 feet there is a 45 mph sign at the Welcome to Senoia Sign. But checking with the Senoia GA Code of Ordinances, Sec. 66-57 speed zones established, it states that a 45 mph zone on the eastbound is 1500 feet east of Pylant st. to 200 feet east of Amey st. which would put the actual 45 mph sign in the wrong place and should be about 1200 feet further east right before the 35 mph city limit sign. so in reality the speed zone is an illegal ticket by order of Sec. 66-57 of the Senoia GA. Code of Ordinances. There are no signs warning of reduced speed before the 45 mph from 55 mph down the hill. Also the Patrol car parks parallel to (Wells st) SR16 right under the 45 mph sign, so if he clocks you at this position, he had clocked you in the 55 mph before you even see the 45 mph sign after Pylant st. So if you were doing 55 or lower at this intersection, he is giving you a ticket for doing just 9-10 miles over the 45 mph. They also state that you are doing 63 in a 45 mph zone when you were doing 55 mph.

sr hwy 85 south of sr hwy16

Senoia, GeorgiaJul 10, 20140 Comments

coming so. on hwy 85 Senoia’s police sit at the tabernacle church able to see the last .1 of a mile in the 45 zone. so as you accelerate for the 55 zone you’re had.

Hwy 16 and Broad St

Senoia, GeorgiaJun 18, 20140 Comments

This is a very bad speed trap due to the hidden signs and hills.

This town has very aggressive cops. Tint, lights, windshield, and anything else they can make up will be used a probable cause to pull you over. It’s best to avoid this town.

Rockaway Rd. and Brittany Lane

Senoia, GeorgiaAug 01, 20130 Comments

I was coming home from church late at night down a hill on Rockaway Rd. doing 51 in what I thought was a 45 MPH zone. The officer came out of a side street and cited me for doing 51 in a 35 MPH zone. The 35 MPH sign was 100 feet in front of me and was in clear view of the dash cam. My brother-in-law was driving behind me and said he never saw the speed zone change either. When I mentioned it to my neighbor, he said he was pulled over in the exact same spot a few months ago for doing 52 MPH and was fined $157.00. This is definitely a speed trap!!!!!!

Standing Rock Road at city limit sign

Senoia, GeorgiaSep 17, 20120 Comments

This is a dirty trap. The speed limit reduces from 45 to 25 mph in a curve. It is used very regularly by Senoia Police. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR LIGHTS WORK BEFORE PASSING THROUGH THE TOWN. $175 FINE.

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