Union City, Georgia Speed Traps

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Flat Shoals at the Union City Limits sign

Union City, GeorgiaMay 20, 20110 Comments

There is an officer hiding behind this sign trying to trap people as they come down Flat Shoals Road. You can’t see him behind the sign until he comes after you. From what I have read by other posters here that is illegal as you can’t see the car until he moves from behind the sign. These people are shameless and something needs to be done about it, so I posted here.

On the Overpass at Exit 64 (SR138) Targeting NB Drivers

Union City, GeorgiaSep 27, 20103 Comments

For the past several weeks a Union City policeman parks his vehicle on the curb of the overpass concealed from view of anyone on I85 and walks to the center of the NB overpass where he CROUCHES down with the LASER unit to target Northbound motorists. He has numerous chase vehicles staged on the NB on-ramp awaiting his instructions.

Georgia Law O.C.G.A. § 40-17-7 says that the Union City police officer’s behavior is ILLEGAL. Here is the text of the pertinent law:

§ 40-14-7. Visibility of vehicle from which device is operated

No stationary speed detection device shall be employed by county, municipal, college, or university law enforcement officers where the vehicle from which the device is operated is obstructed from the view of approaching motorists or is otherwise not visible for a distance of at least 500 feet.

HISTORY: Ga. L. 1968, p. 425, § 7; Ga. L. 1978, p. 1968, § 1; Ga. L. 1989, p. 586, § 1; Ga. L. 1992, p. 2785, § 30.

Any person charged with a speeding offense by this officer is advised to Please NOT-GUILTY and challenge the LASER evidence as INADMISSABLE.

South Fulton Parkway

Union City, GeorgiaApr 01, 20092 Comments

Do not speed on this road the cops in Union City are really trying to get everyone, or maybe they just don’t have anything else to do.

Jonesboro Road near Shannon Parkway

Union City, GeorgiaNov 28, 20070 Comments

This police trap should be well known by now for those traveling on jonesboro rd east or west in union city, ga. the police always sit on the south side of the rd close to quip trip gas station. they are at this everyday and all day traffic. the outrageous amount for one of these tickets will make you think twice about speeding next time thru union city, ga.

US Highway 29 near All of Union City

Union City, GeorgiaJul 16, 20070 Comments

Union City law enforcement is using traffic stops, primarily speed questions, to check for late or expired license tags. Stopped me and another family member in the same residential street off US 29 and first approached asking did we know the speed limit and then ticketed or warned about tag expiration. Speed limit is not posted in our 2-street residential neighborhood but is understood to be 30 MPH off the state or US highway (posted 45 MPH in that area). Others in the area have reported similar stops in other residential neighborhoods, some demanding proof of license tag renewal after asking if the driver knows the posted speed limit for the area. Tickets are being issued for license tag violations less than 7 days overdue — but on all stops we’ve heard of law enforcers have first asked about speed limits and then about tag expiration violations.

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