Honolulu, Hawaii Speed Traps

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H-1 EB/WB Between Waialae Ave On/Off Ramp and Freeway End

Honolulu, HawaiiJan 20, 20230 Comments

Motorcycle officers equipped with LiDAR. guns sit on the Waialae Ave. overpass of H-1 and monitor speed of both directions of traffic at all hours except morning rush (6am – 9am). Officers also camp the On Ramp coming from Kahala Mall with LiDAR. guns. The entire straightaway is monitored from both of these ends, police will pull speeders over into the side streets i.e. Waikui St. or Wai’eli St. to prevent obstruction of traffic. Please resist the temptation to floor it coming off the downhill as the overpass officers are very hard to spot, and the On Ramp from Kahala Mall is not visible from the beginning of the straightaway. Veteran officers hand out possibly hundreds of tickets per week in this notorious speed trap and is heavily camped late at night from sundown to 11PM when third watch ends (watch is “shifts” for police, who patrol in 3 different shifts per day for 9 hours per watch). This can vary based on officers who are on overtime so be wary at all hours of the night.

A Street

Honolulu, HawaiiNov 11, 20190 Comments

lots of cops. vroom, vroom

Moanalua Freeway Entrance Eastbound

Honolulu, HawaiiFeb 04, 20190 Comments

Freeway entrance 35 MPH, 1 lane to go toward Kalihi and Freeway that splits into 2 lanes. Cop camping on grass island near Fort Shafter exit, right after uphill, so hard to react. 35 MPH limit merging into freeway? Clear speedtrap

H3 town bound, right after Camp Smith exit

Honolulu, HawaiiJun 27, 20170 Comments

Most of the freeway the speed limit is 60MPH. about 1/4 mile before the Camp Smith exit, there is a reduce speed sign to 55. 25 ft away is a 55 speed limit sign. 100 feet past that while going downhill, there is a speed limit 45 sign. No warning. There are always HPD at the bottom of the hill with their radar guns pointing up the hill.

palolo ave

Honolulu, HawaiiDec 12, 20160 Comments

cops waiting to catch people after the turn on wailae ave

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