Cairo, Illinois Speed Traps

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I-57 at Illinois/ Missouri state line

Cairo, IllinoisOct 03, 20170 Comments

Construction zone going over bridge is marked 55 with no visible 45 mph signs, I was making sure to go 50 and was pulled for going 55 in a 45 through a construction zone, asked to see radar and deputy got mad and started yelling and threated to arrest me, told him he cant arrest me for asking if I could aee his radar. At which point he jerks my door open and screams get out you under arrest for obstruction of justice at that point he yells at my wife to shut up and told me I was a coward for being a veteran!
Needless to say this was not a nice sunday afternoon drive through Cairo! I was let go because he had nothing to honestly arrest me for!
But I did get put in handcuffs and put in the rear seat of a very old, ticking and smelling like burnt oil cruiser! This place is the worst of the worst of the judicial system at work!
Stay away from cairo!!!!

I 57 south bound. Mile marker

Cairo, IllinoisOct 16, 20160 Comments

ILLINOIS TRAVELERS BEWARE MY FINE WAS $810 PLUS LAWERS FEE $15O TOTAL $960 FOR A ILLINOIS SPEED TRAP…BUT THEY WERE KIND ANOUGH TO ONLY CHARGE ME WITH IMPROPER PARKING VIOLATION SO IT WONT GO ON MY RECORD…I 57 south bound. Mile marker 9. Officer said I was 62 in a 45 in construction zone with workers present. My complaint is The Speed posted was 70 then dropped to 65 then to 55. He said there is a 45 sign ( I did not see ) also he said it was a construction zone with workers present. The only workers I saw was the police puling over cars and no construction equipment just orange barrels I had my cruse set at 70 and was decelerating when I saw the 65 sign .

Highway 3 southbound from Bridge, Hwy 146

Cairo, IllinoisMar 31, 20150 Comments

Pulled over for 65 in 55 from MO on way to Nashville. Passed an unmarked car barely recording 55MPH. Noticed patch on sleeve of driver but looked like security guard driving home. Resumed 55 after passing but edged to 65 on road with NO other cars. Sheriff going opposite direction flashed for pull over. Claimed 65 in 55 and issued ticket. Nice trap and must be a real money-maker for a state that is about to go bankrupt. Doubt if my contribution will do much good though. The real pain began when 30MPH was posted on the whole way through Cairo.

I57 Pulaski County

Cairo, IllinoisApr 25, 20141 Comments

We are Michigan residents and every year travel to Louisiana to visit our son. He received a ticket at the 5 mile southbound marker last year. On April 16, 2014, I was driving my husband’s moose of a truck, and was pulled over at the 3 mile marker (southbound I-57). The officer said he clocked me at 80 miles an hour, passing a semi. Wouldn’t even look me in the eye when he said it, because he knows darn well that I was only going 75. Yes, a whole 5 mph over the speed limit! They target out-of-staters because they know we probably won’t make the trip the court–we’ll just pay the fine. I might just decide to take a day off work and make the trip to court.

Entire Pulaski County in Southern Illinois

Cairo, IllinoisJan 22, 20141 Comments

I generally travel from Michigan to Southeast Missouri at least 5 to 6 times a year. I drive using a radar detector at all times and normally average 80 mph down I-57…until I get to Pulaski County. When I get there, I drop down to 64 mph…and set the cruise control.

If you are traveling during a holiday weekend it’s HIGHLY advisable that you don’t risk speeding through there. They don’t cut the grass in the median just so the deputies and state police can hide in the grass. They sometimes park on the overpass with a “spotter car” that checks the speeds…then relays them to the “chase cars” on the ground.

Lastly, speeding through a construction zone is an automatic $375.00 dollar fine, plus the cost of the ticket and court costs.

Do not…I repeat, DO NOT SPEED through Pulaski County Illinois!!!!

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