Downers Grove, Illinois Speed Traps

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Ogden Avenue near East of Finley Avenue

Downers Grove, IllinoisJun 07, 20070 Comments

They sit in the old parking lot of Rosie’s, across from D&M Corvettes. Coming down the hill from Finley you pick up speed and don’t even know it!

Finley Road near Belmont Metra Stop

Downers Grove, IllinoisDec 13, 20060 Comments

At 5:15am I was one of hundreds of cars driving southbound on Finley Road just south of Butterfield Road. The Speedtrap begins at the 35MPH sign just a few blocks down from the 45MPH sign.

I was clicked at doing 48 in a 35……yet I was yards away fom where the change in speeds took place. Nothing like patroling the crime free city of Downers Grove to issue $75 dollar fines to increase the city revenue eh?

What a joke. DGPD should focus their attention on something else other than speed traps between 35mph and 45mph zones in while collar crime free cities.

Ogden Avenue near Finley Road

Downers Grove, IllinoisAug 31, 20060 Comments

Not exactly a speed trap, but still something to watch for:

Going eastbound on Ogden, the left turn lane on to Finley backs up and is tempting to use the Center dual-turn lane as a third lane and possibly line-jump. However an officer is usually in the area watching for people coming up using the center lane.

This morning, no officer was around, but later up Finley an unmarked officer was watching as cars went by and pulled the person over who did this in front of me. I am assuming a camera or other undercover spotter is around radioing ahead.

This same officer can be seen running radar at other times of the morning as well as described in a previous entry. He is in a blue unmarked Chevy with municipal plates either at the side of the road near Finley and Lacey for Southbound cars or center for Southbound and Northbound cars.

Ogden Avenue near Omega

Downers Grove, IllinoisJul 15, 20060 Comments

Omega is a cop favorite on Ogden and almost every night there will be multiple cars going in and out, all of whom will pull you over for 10+. They usually go in from the west.

Downers Drive near Interstate 88

Downers Grove, IllinoisApr 13, 20060 Comments

This is the extended entrance to I-88 westbound accessed from Butterfield Road at Hooters and Buona Beef. Adjacent Hooters and taverns also result in some intoxiczated driving in this area. Police sit in an office parking lot and pick off speeders getting on I-88 westbound. I see 2-3 pulled over per night on this stretch of road, and many sobriety tests. Don’t drink and drive, and slow down on this short stretch of road. You will get pulled over and tested. Also watch the frontage road three-way stop, they will stop you for rolling that stop sign.

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