Mounds, Illinois Speed Traps

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Between exit for Mounds Rd and Mounds City (no exit for)

Mounds, IllinoisMar 23, 20200 Comments

This speed trap has been here a year to my experience (lawyers say it will last another 2 yrs). The second time I went through I was pulled over though I was only 5 mph over the speed limit. The citation was for 10 miles over. The ticket is costing $600-$1000. As the area has been ‘labelled’ a ‘construction zone’ …(btw…the nearest construction per Illinois Hwy’s is the bridge over the Ohio River). It is known this is NOT a construction zone. Reduce speed to exactly 55 mph. The warning signs are for 10-25 miles before the trap (which is all of .08 miles long) and you will have to be patient. You will know when you hit it as 5-8 patrol cars line up in the median to pounce. When I was pulled over all 8 were occupied giving tickets. They turn this around in less than 15 minutes at 4 per hour, netting $3 million dollars per six months (at 5 patrols per 15 minutes), if you want the math. It is a fast citation but it means more money for that county or state of Illinois. No one is protesting as all the violations are for out of state plates and scattered throughout ten states all traveling to parts south.

Marker 18, 19, 20

Mounds, IllinoisMay 03, 20160 Comments

My brother has had two stops in a year at the Mound’s Illinois area, I57 this area is a speed trap.

I-57 from the cutoff from I-55 either direction

Mounds, IllinoisMay 29, 20130 Comments

Shortly after exiting I-55 onto I-57 near Mound City Illinois, a hidden police car suddenly appears and a ticket is issued for speeding in a “construction” zone. There was no visible warning of a speed zone ahead, and no evidence of anyone working on the road. Appr. 2 miles from the point where the car was pulled over, there was 1 piece of equipment, no evidence of anyone doing any work at all. The information gained from the Police Officer (Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputy) the fine would be $325 plus court costs of $125 totaling $450, PLUS an appearance at the court was mandatory. We live in northern Michigan, and the distance to the Court is 640.3 miles, a 12.8 hour drive. My wife called the Circuit Court Clerk and was told the appearance is Mandatory, no mail in the fine allowed. Obviously this is a scam. I have investigated the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code and it is clearly stated what the set up requirements are for a “construction zone”. This arrest (yes, a traffic violation is an arrest) breaks the law of the State Of Illinois. I have sent a request for all the measurements of where and how the contstruction zone is required to be to the Court Clerk, including a request for change of venue, and a Court Date and Time. We were told we had to appear by the appointed time, and wait in line to pay the fine. So, for an 880 mile round trip, $450 fine and court costs, and the indignation of the State allowing such a scam to be operated on its roadways…in fact, this is a Federal Highway…I have decided to return to Mound City and have scheduled a Jury trial for the month of July, including a change of venue…no response from the “Court” as yet. I have requested information from the Court, and sent a copy of the Illinois FOIA. (Freedom Of Information Act) which clearly requires the Court to respond to the 27 questions and measurements that the Police must have followed for this to be a legal arrest. The MVC (Motor Vehicle Code) also states that any information gotten in an arrest that violates the State law, will not be allowed as evidence. If they have figured out a way to get around the Illinois law in this scam-sham then we will appeal to the next higher court, and as far as is necessary to resolve this matter for us, and will provide information as to the resolution for anyone wishing to appeal their fine and arrest, they will be able to follow this procedure.

We are retired, so I have the time. I am a former Police Officer in the State Of Michigan, so I have the experience. And we live on a fixed income so I cannot afford an Attorney, so I will ask that one be appointed should it become necessary. By the way, anyone having taken this or these steps, please post the result of your experience. It will help me prepare for any surprises. The Court date is July 18th in the Mound City Circuit Court building. It will commence at 9:00 am. And, just for the record, my wife was driving, she has been driving for 53 years. She has never been stopped, or given a violation or summons in all those 53 years. If not for my wild child growing up, I wouldn’t have had any violations either. I would appreciate getting any information regarding going into a jury trial.

Just past Mississippi River Bridge Interstate I-57

Mounds, IllinoisSep 22, 20120 Comments

Speed from Missouri is 70 drops to 65 and town police lie in wait just as you cross into Illinois.

going east from Missouri on I-57 just inside Ill state line

Mounds, IllinoisSep 15, 20102 Comments

I crossed the state line with my cruise set at 70mph. Not far into Illinois, going east on I-57, I encountered closed lanes. Signs would say left lane closed and the right one would be closed. I kept looking for a speed limit sign, there was none. After about 5 miles, I saw workers, I immediately slowed, the workers were on the opposite side of the median, (west bound lane). When all evidence of construction was over, I sped back to 70mph. About 1or 2 miles down the road I see the blue lights coming from behind. It was so far away from the construction, I thought there might be an emergency, I pulled over to let him by, guess what! I was being cited for going 73 in a 55 mph zone. I tried to explain that I could not see proper markings and the ones I saw were confusing. He then tells me I have to return to Ill. from MS in 4 weeks, in the middle of the week to pay my fine. I have tried numerous times to find out how much the fine will be so I will have the money to pay it when I get there. The sheriff’s office, sheriff, the DA would not respond. I still have no idea how much money to take to pay the fine. Somehow this seems a bit redneck to me. I’m from Mississippi, we treat our visitors better, at least we tell them how much the fine is and let them mail it.

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