Indianapolis, Indiana Speed Traps

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The corner of English and State

Indianapolis, IndianaAug 01, 20010 Comments

There is a huge empty lot at this corrner where you are bound to see a cop just waiting to pull you over at any time of day. Some times there are even several cops at once.

56th Street, Lawrence, heading east from 465

Indianapolis, IndianaMay 01, 20010 Comments

As you head east toward Fort Benjamin, Lawrence police are OFTEN set back in some old construction driveways, only about 10yards from the street. Speed limit is 40mph (i think). VERY easy to go faster, as there are few lights, lite traffic, and a BIG dip in the road. Mainly between Franklin and Post roads. NOTE: big brother cameras at 56th street and POST atop traffic lights.

between 16th and 27th St. on N. Delaware St.

Indianapolis, IndianaOct 01, 20000 Comments

Officer with radar gun on east side of street hides his car in front of parked cars. Officer uses radar from sidewalk and then steps out into street waving violators to pull over.

I-465 North Eastside of I-465 bound mile marker 47

Indianapolis, IndianaOct 01, 20000 Comments

This Marion County Officer,enforced a very unjust traffic stop. He pulled over a chevy ss impala, which was trailing a custom van and a lexus in front of the ss impala. He was sitting at the end of the consruction zone,as two cars was in front of the lexus,then the customs van,and last the ss impala leaving the constuction zone,then the officer jumped behind the ss impala,with his lights flashing,so I moved over to let the officer’s car by me. I pull over to watch what the officer was doing. He got out of his car and went to the ss impala. Then he walked down the highway to my van and asked why I stopped to watch him. I asked why he pulled over my brother when he was not speeding (e was trailing my van,and my cruise control was set in at 45mph). I asked for his commander to which he replied that that he was the commander.

I said that I was going to call 911 and get a real commander out here on i-465. Then he got mad and asked for my license. I replied that only a commander will get my license,because I knew that my brother and I were not speeding, adding that I did not get pulled over by this officer. Once the commmander got there, he agreed that I was not pulled over,but he then let his officer give me a ticket for speeding. My brother got the same bogus speeding ticket. I asked the new commander to take a look at his radar, only to find out that there is no radar in his officer’s car. So it really was a bogus traffic stop!

Morris Street between East Street and Meridian

Indianapolis, IndianaSep 01, 20000 Comments

As you pass the Madison Street exit travelling Westbound on Morris toward Meridian Street, there is an auto repair garage where officers are often hidden. They will walk right out into the street in front of you with the radar gun and nail you. The speed limit is 30mph, which is well below what it should be. Big speed trap!! I see officers there (when I was stopped there were two of them tag-teaming and pulling over cars like a fricking McDonalds drive-thru) morning and afternoon, different times of the month. The officer who pulled me over told me they ‘have gotten a lot of complaints about speeding through there’. (Hogwash) Watch out.

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