Cedar Falls, Iowa Speed Traps

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Hudson Rd. and 19th Street

Cedar Falls, IowaFeb 19, 20150 Comments

Police radar northbound traffic, and have Squad Cars pulling people over north of 18th Street

North Cedar on Center Street

Cedar Falls, IowaMar 19, 20100 Comments

Everyone be aware that the speed limit has changed on Center Street in Cedar Falls. It goes from 35 mph at Western St. to 25 mph until you pass Casey’s Gas Station. This new speed change has cost many North Cedar residents a ticket as the police have been patroling the area nonstop now for two weeks.

St. Patricks Day Care – 800 block of Main Street

Cedar Falls, IowaMar 18, 20100 Comments

This happens outside my living room window. I have seen it a hand full of times – in nice weather conditions of course.
Main Street is a 25 mph street and at times cops will group together 4 cars and line up in the day care parking lot – lights off. An officer will be standing behind a tree with a radar gun yelling out the mph of the car. If it is 6 mph over the limit- who ever is next in the ‘cop line’ will come get ‘cha!

true story: some of the cops, when bored and action is not occurring fast enough will say the words like…”Gemme 5, come on!” meaning, give me one that is 5 mph over, not the instructed by their boss 6 mph over limit. They get quite excited when they all get together to do this.
They were talking too loud and inappropriately, so I waltzed down and told them to leave. I then heard them say they would like to stand on University Avenue getting speeders, but is too dangerous for them, so they were going to Rainbow Drive to set up a trap there.

9th & Main Street

Cedar Falls, IowaMar 18, 20100 Comments

(I live at this corner, and see this from my window at nightly – so sad to watch)

Cars are going along fine and get pulled over for no apparent reason at the corner of 9th and Main. They (the other car is waiting in the wing – as they are doing double duty) will pull you over on Main Street. The car that is pulled over is always in the exact same spot – they flip on their lights at the corner of 9th and Main – not allowing time to turn off on the side street – as if they want all to see the ‘show’ on Main Street. The show being sobriety tests.
Yes, this is late at night – when the bars let out – take a cab or one of the free shuttles from College to Main. This time frame can be from 11pm – 2am.

18th Street

Cedar Falls, IowaMay 11, 20090 Comments

Local police around Midnight like to pull residents over from the nearby College Hill District as well as those just passing through on their way home. Last time it was on 18th Street, but sometimes they set up on College.


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