Manhattan, Kansas Speed Traps

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Claflin Avenue near 17th Street

Manhattan, KansasAug 07, 20080 Comments

On Claflin avenue, turning left from Manhattan avenue and heading towards Denison Ave. After about 7pm there is almost always a cop car or two hidden in the side streets on the right hand side of the street near Throckmorton Hall and in the parking lots on either side of Cardwell Hall. They monitor the 20mph speed zone near the university with an iron fist, pulling cars over for even 2 or 3 mph over the limit. The narrow, unlit side streets and parking lots make them almost invisible until you’re right in front of them.

Fort Riley Boulevard near 17th Street

Manhattan, KansasAug 07, 20080 Comments

On Fort Riley Blvd, as you pass 17th street and begin to exit the city of Manhattan, heading towards Ogden and Fort Riley. There are two sections of grassy median that lie underneath an overpass, right where the highway curves to the leFort At any time of day, but usuall around 9am and 6pm, there will be 1 or 2 cop cars hidden in that median and obscured by the overpass and curve in the road. They clock cars coming from both directions in a 300 yard zone where the 45mph city speed increases to 55mph highway speed, and in another 600 yards to 65mph. Speed up or slow down more than a few yards on the wrong side of the sign and expect a ticket.

State Highway 18 near 1 Mile east of Stagg Hill Golf Course

Manhattan, KansasJun 16, 20061 Comments

Geary county police car heading west-bound on Fort Riley Blvd coming down the "hill" does a u-turn and pulls me over as I was heading east bound "up the hill" entering Manhattan. This location is approx 1 mile east of Stagg hill golf course and I have seen Many people pulled over here. The speed limit goes from 65 to 50 to 40 in about 1 to 2 blocks, even though there is nothing but trees around and NO construction. I got cited for a 67 in a 50. $212, totally outrageous. Be aware that this is considered a "work zone" even though you don’t come upon any work for about a mile down the road, an obvious money maker for the county. They drop "work zone" signs all over the place regardless if it is a work zone or not. It appears fines double in work zones even though they don’t put up the signs that say so. Kansas appears to be a real shit hole when it comes to traffic cops and I am going to invest in a quality radar detector and laser jammer immediately.

Fort Riley Boulevard near Seth Childs Road

Manhattan, KansasMay 08, 20060 Comments

This is a continual construction zone. I distintly remember slowing to 40 mph. There was a vehicle in front of me and also one on my tail. I was the lucky out of county car that got the ticket. 53 mph in a 40 mph construction zone. I contested the ticket and during the officers testimony he stated that he knew I was speeding while meeting me on the road. He determined this stating "experience" and "ability to judge speed" all the while driving toward me and the other two vehicles and switching his radar on. He also stated he was unaware of any other vehicles around me. This is a very busy area. I soon found out that the court was not willing to question an officers "memory" as I was’nt allowed to present my side of the story with the judge stating my questions had nothing to do with the case. Manhattan used to be a regional shopping destination but not any more. I only go there when I absolutly have to. I had 3 witness with me when the incident occured and all concurred with me.

college Avenue near church lot

Manhattan, KansasNov 15, 20051 Comments

the police sit in the church parking lot (across from the baseball stadium and the football practice field) behind and parallel to the sign (can’t remember which church it is)

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