Meade, Kansas Speed Traps

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On 54 through Meade, Kansas

Meade, KansasApr 19, 20210 Comments

Apparent 25 mile school zone on 54 through Meade, Kansas. Traveling early morning 7:45 a.m. rainy foggy day behind red truck on 54 in what I thought was a 35 mile zone. Traveling safely behind red truck when officer did U turn and put on lights. I pull over behind red truck and officer pulls up behind me. Red truck leaves leaving me to deal with Meade officer. Officer says I was going 41 in 25 mile school zone and gave me $270 ticket. This is my first speeding ticket in my whole 44 years of driving. Apparently they do not believe in giving someone not familiar with their speed traps and good record a warning. I don’t even know for sure it was me that his radar clocked at 41. It could have been the red truck who lucked out and left. After checking Meade’s map the school is 4 blocks off 54 so not sure where the 25 mph sign is on 54. Maybe this is Meade’s way of getting income from out of towners.

Hwy 54 westbound between N Post St and South Carthage St

Meade, KansasJun 10, 20190 Comments

Speed limit of 35 is posted at/on the west side of N Post St. Next speed limit sign is 50 just before South Carthage 1100 Feet Away. Highway 54 turns into open highway 450 Feet before the 50 speed limit sign. If you start to speed up to 50 in that 450 feet you will get ticketed.

Going NE down hill on 54

Meade, KansasMar 29, 20180 Comments

The speed limit signs change so quickly here. Apparently it’s 35 very briefly and then goes to 55. My husband was going 44 and got a $200 ticket. He hasn’t had a ticket in the more than 22 years I’ve known him. We had stayed the winter in AZ and are returning to PA. He typically goes under the speed limit- not even the speed limit. Cars were zipping by at more than 55 as he was being pulled over. By the time this sign is spotted you’ve already been going 55 (in his case only 44) and it goes right back up again. This indeed is a speed trap! What are you gonna do when you can’t stay and go to court? We can’t afford a $200 ticket, yet what choice do we have?

Enter town on Hwy 54 from NE and limit drops from 55 to 35

Meade, KansasJul 31, 20170 Comments

Local cop clocked me just before the 35 mph limit with no warning of reduced limit, I was still at 55 mph but hit the breaks hard when I saw the squad and 35 mph limit at the same time. Buy the time I passed the 35 mph sign I was well below 55, I think 42 and within 100 feet I was at 35. I explained this to the officer but he wrote me up for 55, 20 miles over and now my insurance is looking at it

Eastbound on US 54 Meade, Kansas

Meade, KansasSep 23, 20140 Comments

Received a ticket for 46mph in a 35mph zone. Police officer according to ticket was on the first street just inside the 35mph zone. He did not stop me for 3/4 of a mile and then he came from behind a semi-truck. I had a Garmin that was indicating that I was going 45mph. It is generally accepted that “tolerance” is 10mph and so this ticket is written at 11mph. I could not testify in court that I was going that fast, however the ticket paid online admits guilt. Now I should add perjury. Out of state is probably the key. Too far to appear.

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