Topeka, Kansas Speed Traps

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Rossville, Kansas

Topeka, KansasJun 01, 20160 Comments

They will shake you down if you have an out of state plate– just like a 3rd-world country! And if you are lucky, you will be ticketed by a cop who was once arrested for a DUI, was fired, and got a job working the speed trap racket.

I-70 east of Topeka

Topeka, KansasOct 13, 20110 Comments

State Police will park in the shadows under the overpass to catch people coming over the hill in the east-bound lanes.

Auburn Road

Topeka, KansasApr 18, 20110 Comments

The speed limit on Auburn Road is generally 50 mph. It’s a two lane highway so one is attempted to go faster. Speed limits decrease at major intersections and one is attempted to speed back up. If one speeds up too soon, a city/county cop/deputy with a radar gun can be sitting just ahead. Auburn Road (Hwy 4) and Huntoon used to be one of the worst locations. There was a line of trees along the side of Huntoon and cops would hide on Huntoon behind the trees trying to catch speeders on Auburn Road. Fortunately for the motorists, a disgusted property owner dozed out the trees! No more hiding place!

I-470 – between Gage and 21st St

Topeka, KansasFeb 09, 20110 Comments

Both East and West-bound I-470 will often see police/sheriff/highway patrol cars sitting in the medians – often with lights off. Limit is 65 – but it is easy to go much faster through there having just come off US 75 or the Turnpike or I-70.

17th Street between Fairlawn and I-470

Topeka, KansasSep 02, 20100 Comments

This is a residentual area and not a real wide road. I almost always see at least one waiting with a radar gun just west of the bridge that crosses over I-470. Both cars and motorcycles work this area. It is makered 30 and they work it.

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