Ferriday, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Hwy 425 toward hwy 65

Ferriday, LouisianaAug 23, 20150 Comments

Speed limit is 45 and returns to 65. We are out of state and driving a dealership rental car. Rely exclusively on cruise control. Had cruise set for 47 mph and had not increased speed prior to speed limit change. Officer pulled us over still in 45 zone swearing we were doing 54 (increasing to get up to 65 early). No way to argue or deny it since you can’t see the radar etc. Officer kept insisting that he would t have pulled us over if his radar hadn’t picked it up. Course no mention of the vehicle traveling behind us that passed us before he turned around to follow.

Main Road Right Through The Center of Ferriday, Louisiana

Ferriday, LouisianaSep 04, 20140 Comments

Highway 65 goes right through this small town. Its a 4-lane highway but the speed suddenly drops from 65 to 45 and then to 25. I was following closely behind some family members so I know for a fact I wasn’t speeding because the cars in front of me weren’t. However, I was pulled over in a gas station by a woman and two other cop cars that came with her. She had no idea I was following behind my family but when she realized I was, she acted like she knew before. So apparently we were all speeding??

Anyways, she cited me for going 55 in a 45 and then preceded to give me the whole “If you pay before the court date it won’t go on your record”. What a scam! They are obviously making countless dollars on this, evident in their 2014 Dodge Chargers. How could this small town afford better cars and equipment then the ones we have in the state capitol (Baton Rouge). People….beware of this speed trap! If you are an out-of-town driver, you WILL get pulled over, speeding or not! I got fined $125 and when we called the office to learn how they charge, they couldn’t even give us an answer! These people don’t care about the safety of their town, they are their simply to make money, so beware when driving through Ferriday.

The main road going through Ferriday LA.

Ferriday, LouisianaFeb 03, 20140 Comments

The whole main road going through Ferriday LA. Stopped at a local Burger King there (had just been given a ticket for supposed speeding and not having proof of regisration of car) I saw 6 cop cars in such a short distance asked the lady whats up she said that they do it all the time. We think they’re targeting out of state drivers cause they know they will pay without a fight. I was told by the cop if I pay before my court date it wouldnt go on my record. I live in georgia Like Im really not going to pay 328$ in fines and drive back to go to court. the cop didnt even stop us with a radar gun he just told us we were speeding.

Virginia Ave & Hwy 65

Ferriday, LouisianaJun 13, 20090 Comments

say my friend you said all those stores but you left one out they sit at a donuts shop y’all do not for get ron toledo ohio

State Highway 15 near city limits

Ferriday, LouisianaOct 26, 20070 Comments

Four lane highway with a 45 mph limit; edge of a rural town that is sparsely populated. taking advantage of the increase in traffic since the four lane completed.

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