Waterproof, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Dont Get Angry You were selected!

Waterproof, LouisianaAug 28, 20191 Comments

Take a deep breath – if you were speeding he got ya. If you weren’t speeding you were selected or were driving into the invisible or obstructed 45mph signs.
Just take the ticket and go. If you have some cash the local NOLA PD will cut you a cash deal. Do not argue – it will cost you a seatbelt ticket. You don’t have to be speeding to get a ticket in Waterproof.

North end of city before the speed limit changes to 45

Waterproof, LouisianaNov 28, 20121 Comments

Cop sits on gravel road on west side of Hwy 65 BEFORE the speed limit changes. Then waits until you are in the town where the speed limit goes to 45 then to 35 and pulls you over for speeding in the 45.

North of town

Waterproof, LouisianaMay 29, 20120 Comments

Speed trap. Just paid ticket via phone. Clerk said the ticket would not be on your driving record or insurance. They are lining their pockets because they are not trying to improve the town.

Behind the Store’s billboard

Waterproof, LouisianaOct 10, 20110 Comments

I always lock my cruise on 45 mph because of this town’s reputation. I was 300 feet from the 55mph sign when I began accelerating to 55. The officer had pulled in behind the second vehicle waiting for me to accelerate. About 300 feet beyond the 55mph sign is a 45mph sign going the opposite direction. These speed traps are bringing in a lot of money and need some oversight to prevent such abuses.

North edge of Waterproof La. Hwy. 65

Waterproof, LouisianaSep 04, 20100 Comments

Town Cop seats in Convenience store acting like he is getting gas. Clocks you doing 55 in the 55 miles per hour zone and turns his lights on and stops you before you get to the 45 Mile per hour zone. Ticket was 55 miles per hour in a 45 zone. I Was driving a 65 foot long semi that weighted 79,000 pounds and was stopped with back end of trailer at first 45 mile an hour sign. Cop will scribe the information on ticket so you can not read it. Town clerk will lose ticket if you pay before court day, that you can not read.

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