West Monroe, Louisiana Speed Traps

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I-20 at Camp Road – Exit 107

West Monroe, LouisianaJul 30, 20190 Comments

The Quachita Parish Sheriff places signs on East Bound I-20 just prior to exit 107/Camp Road. The signs say that there is a “Drug Checkpoint 1 mile ahead on I-20 – K9s – Be Prepared to Stop “. There isn’t really a checkpoint on I-20. The Sheriff is lying about that. It’s a lie and a trick. A real drug checkpoint would be unconstitutional. However, a lot of people believe this lie and exit on Camp Road to avoid the advertised illegal checkpoint. When you exit, you will be greeted by about 6 unmarked Sheriff SUVs and a DEA agent. Camp Road doesn’t normally get much traffic, so they assume everyone exiting is carrying drugs. They will make up something ( like for me, not turn signaling when you exit ) and pull you over. The will ask you a bunch of intrusive questions and ask to search your car. Tell them NO when they ask for a search. If you tell them NO, they will illegally detain you for long enough for a drug dog to arrive. If it turns out your car is really drug free, they will still write you a $300 ticket so they can pay for their time. My takeaway – Don’t be a tourist in Monroe, La – they don’t want visitors.

At the Downing Pines Road underpass near Exit 113

West Monroe, LouisianaFeb 08, 20170 Comments

The trap can presumably be on either side, but I’ve seen it most often on the westbound side behind a concrete abutment associated with supporting bridge columns. The officer — in my case it was a Monroe (not West Monroe) city policeman, but state troopers also man this location — hides his vehicle behind the cement wall and uses his laser or radar instrument from partial concealment. The 60 mph limit is unreasonable here on the outskirts of West Monroe. A 70 mph limit is maintained all the way through Ruston less than half an hour away on the same Interstate and a business district much busier than this area.

Intersection of Sandal Street and Renee Street, Bawcomville

West Monroe, LouisianaAug 01, 20140 Comments

Sheriffs Department has the permission to park on Private Property and set up a speed trap. Speed limit is set at 25.

I-20 East of Exit 103

West Monroe, LouisianaJan 25, 20130 Comments

Two locations: 1st is gravelled crossover in low spot in median, radar either way; 2nd is on north edge of East bound lane as you round slight curve up and over hill.

Highway 15 where the widening starts West 10 miles

West Monroe, LouisianaSep 18, 20100 Comments

State police patrol this 10 miles very frequently because of the high traffic count and a school half way. It is the new widened section easy to drive too fast. From the start at the East end at small store to the parish line about 10 miles West. Easy place to get stopped.

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