Cambridge, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Memorial Drive, near the Ames Street, eastbound(river) side

Cambridge, MassachusettsDec 19, 20020 Comments

Cops hide cruisers amongst parked cars on side of the road. Cops on foot walk out and wave cars down to give tickets. Speed limit is 35mph, traffic actually flows at about 45-50mph.

Western Ave outbound @ Central Square

Cambridge, MassachusettsSep 01, 20010 Comments

As Western Ave leaves Central Square, just past the police station, you will often find city police standing with radar. The limit is 25 mph, but cars often accelerate out of the square; hence, the trap.

Roberts Road– off Kirkland Street

Cambridge, MassachusettsAug 01, 20010 Comments

Cannot take a right turn before 10am but could take a left turn. Motorcycle police hiding on street and in bushes

Memorial Drive, 200 yards West of Mass. Ave.

Cambridge, MassachusettsJan 01, 20010 Comments

I live right across the street from this speed trap, and can often watch it from my living room or dining room on a sunny afternoon. I once got pulled over (50 yards from my front door) for "going the wrong way down a one-way," which I was NOT doing, and finally managed to convince the Statie, who was enraged that I had shown him to be wrong. They pull people over 4, 5 at a time when they’re in form. Admittedly, people drive too fast here, and even once an acquaintance was KILLED by a speeding car near here (at night, and they NEVER set the trap up at night, when the drunks are out). But when these guys want to pull someone over, they WILL find plenty of people, innocent and not.

1/101 Main Street (west/northbound after crossing Longfellow Bridge)

Cambridge, MassachusettsOct 01, 20000 Comments

The trap is usually set up at 1/101 Main Street and gets people speeding over the Longfellow Bridge from Boston. The trap is often operated by the State Police, sometimes by the Cambridge Police.

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