Harvard, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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State Highway Route 2 near Exit Number 38B

Harvard, MassachusettsDec 17, 20070 Comments

Harvard PD has a fleet of unmarked vehicles. I see two brand new black cars, one with police plates the other one with regular plates all tinted out. I see the two cops in the morning at Dunkin Donuts in Harvard then after they eat they go out and pummel everyone.

State Route 2 near Exit Number 38

Harvard, MassachusettsMay 26, 20070 Comments

The HPD uses unmarked traffic cars on Rte 2 at night. The speed limit is 55 on that highway and very long stretches of straightaway which makes you wanna gun it faster. Always there between 12-4 am.

State Highway 2 East & West near Exit Number 38A-B

Harvard, MassachusettsAug 28, 20040 Comments

The trap is usually set up in the islands between the ramps for Exits 38 A-B on either side of MA State Rte. 2 Eastbound or Westbound. Eastbound you are blind to the trap until you are on top of it, so it is most commonly enforced on this side. Westbound, you can see straight ahead and downhill for 3/4 mile leading up to the trap, so you have a chance to see it well ahead. Both MA State Police and Harvard Police have been seen enforcing the trap. Speed Limit is 55mph here, but traffic commonly runs 10-15 mph over this, especially if traffic is light.

ALL / Rte 2 offramp / Rte 110/111

Harvard, MassachusettsFeb 01, 20020 Comments

Be SURE you come to complete stop at stop signs at the offramps from Rte2 and also at the center of town at blinking light intersection of Rte 110/111. Cruisers often observe from fairly hidden posts and w/tag for rolling stops. Sometimes speed traps thru school zone at center of town on Rte 111. At night, use care all along Rtes 110 and 111, often the patrolling cruiser w/be travelling other direction. Especially watch town borders (Boxborough,Ayer), center of town, and Rte 2 interchange area. NOTE: If it is very late PM or early AM, ANY other vehicle on the road is LIKELY a cruiser, and being bored in the small town, an officer will think nothing of "fudging" his/her estimate of your speed in order to have a valid reason to turn around / follow / check you out. Other tactics include following you at VERY close distances and occasionally neglecting to drop the high beams as they approach from the oncoming direction or follow in close proximity to your rear bumper or racing up quickly on you at well over the speed limit, and falling off, then racing back up on you (no surprise that this blinding causes somewhat erratic driving on the victims part; especially on Harvards narrow, winding, primarily unlit roads). At night, a burnt out light (head,tail,turn,licenseplate) or an incomplete stop w/be used at the "reason-excuse" to pull cars over for a "looksie-search- check for warrants" The local papers weekly police report almost always has an arrest for something which started w/a pull over for one of the above reasons. Often this harrassment w/end up w/ only a verbal or written warning, however it will often depend on your interaction w/officer. I have witnessed BLATANT misrepresentions of what actually occurred on tickets if personality issues arise, and these will be sworn to by the officers in court; definately best to avoid it even when the officer created the situation. See all the comments from the neighboring community of Boxborough, and note that these general observations apply in both communities, too. General experience is that both communities w/let you "off", although Harvard is more likely to pursue errant officers "judgement" and all swear that their fairy tale version is true once you get on the wrong side of the personality.

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