Holland, Michigan Speed Traps

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River Avenue near 7th Street

Holland, MichiganAug 14, 20050 Comments

When you are going down River Ave. towards the North side of town there are a lot of cops watching the stretch of road from 7th St. to the Bridge. I was pulled over there the other day, and since then I’ve seen a lot of other people pulled over as well. With the construction in the area I think they are watching it pretty closely, there’s three lanes, and the posted speed limit is only 30 so it’s real easy to be going 10 or 20 over. My detector went off with Laser when I got pulled over, but Holland PD also uses Ka Band.

US Highway 31 near 32nd Street

Holland, MichiganMar 07, 20040 Comments

Watch yourself around US31 and 32nd Street. I see a lot of cars pulled over heading north on 31 just north of 32nd street. I usually turn there so the cops may be doing the actual radaring up at 40th street and catching the drivers at the light on 32nd. I would just watch it between those two streets. The rest of 31 through Holland isn’t bad until you get north of town. Between Riley and Port Sheldon I see cars pulled over a lot but not in any one particular spot, just all over in that stretch. I’ve never gotten harrassed going 10 over so you should be good as long as you keep it there.

Waverly Street near 32nd Street

Holland, MichiganMar 07, 20040 Comments

Work takes me from Riley to 40th on Waverly Street. I usually see between 1 and 3 cops a night. They sit in the K-Mart parking lot, by the water tower just south of Meyers, the back side of Menards, and also just South of 32nd street in I believe the School Transportation parking lot. Lots of K and KA band radar and they usually are watching the Southbound traffic but not always. I highly recommend staying under 40mph because its posted at 35 there.

Ottawa Beach Road between 144th and 152nd Avenues.

Holland, MichiganJun 18, 20030 Comments

When westbound, a sheriff patrol car will sit in the LAST driveway before the guardrail/bridge by the bay, on the south (left) side of the road. When eastbound, it would be the first driveway AFTER the guardrail/bridge. Uses laser radar. Speed limit is 45 mph in this area – I wouldn’t suggest going over 50 or so.

US-31/ business I-96

Holland, MichiganAug 12, 20020 Comments

Coming out of Holland going north to Grand Haven starts a never ending speedtrap. County, city and State officers sit in the median, in secluded parking lots, and even a few gas stations trying to catch the "late for work" drivers. Also doesn’t help that a number of bad accidents have happened in that stretch of road. Drivers beware!!

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