Sterling Heights, Michigan Speed Traps

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Mound road northbound, just south of 17 mile

Sterling Heights, MichiganMay 05, 20101 Comments

they sit in the driveways on mound at night

Brougham Dr. East of Van Dyke

Sterling Heights, MichiganMar 23, 20102 Comments

Right after dropping off my daughter at school, I turned onto Brougham and headed west. The officer was sitting in a new subdivision (hidden). I was 2 miles over the speed limit ( I hit a piece of ice and skidded then tapped my brakes). He claimed I slammed on the brakes after speeding. I went to pay the fine and found out that I could at least fight to get the points removed – I will do that ( probably still have to pay). This is a money-making business, people – be Aware!

Van Dyke & 18 1/2

Sterling Heights, MichiganMar 23, 20100 Comments

People these all are not speed traps I have a very good radar detector and it shows where the speed traps are and aren’t these all talked about in here are just cops that are camping out waiting for someone dumb. A speed trap is where there is a perimeter set and when it’s broken cops will know from a sensor beakon in there cruiser. Keep out over here this way though they’re turning that old dealership into a gas station and cops have been sitting in it @ night.

On Dodge Park at Metro Park Way (16 mile road)

Sterling Heights, MichiganMar 20, 20101 Comments

Speed limit on Dodge Park south of 16 mile is 40 MPH. As you drive north of 16 mile the speed limit drop to 35 MPH. There’s a little girlie police that sits just north of 16 mile with her little radar gun and harasses the decent citizens of the area. She be da real police…LOL…yeah, right! So desperate to write a ticket that she’ll even stand out in the rain, with no hat on (a department violation???) or rain gear to get her a ticket. Pathetic. You can dress em up and give a gun and badge but ambushing law abiding citizens don’t make em the police. When’s the last time you made a decent felony arrest sweetie?

The Entire City

Sterling Heights, MichiganMar 15, 20102 Comments

Please beware when driving in Sterling Heights, MI! I know of several people, besides myself and husband, who have received an extraordinary amount of tickets! In just 1 week I received 2 and my husband 3! They will write a ticket for anything. They even write them when you don’t do anything wrong. I was with my husband, stopped at a sign and proceeded. 1 mile later, I see lights in my mirror… I pulled over and literally had no idea what for. He said I didn’t stop.. (we both said I did). I got the $150 ticket anyway! My husband twice was going about 2 miles over and got tickets. They write so many tickets they herd you in like animals. Literally! When we went to court all 5 times there were hundreds of people waiting. They call off 20 names at a time… call you in and tell you that they don’t have time for everyone… if you want to go upstairs and pay the fine, they will waive the points so everyone does and they call the next 20 in… The have two sessions Daily with about 100 people in each session! They must be making 10 Million a Year off of Moving Violations!

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