Bloomington, Minnesota Speed Traps

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going south on from Hwy 100 Normandale Blvd

Bloomington, MinnesotaJul 18, 20160 Comments

A cop hiding behind a telephone pole with a radar gun with 5 units parked on the side street. Cop radios the speed to the waiting units.

East 494 offramp to Portland Ave

Bloomington, MinnesotaDec 02, 20150 Comments

East 494 offramp to Portland Ave
Not positive where he was sitting, but I was pulled over for illegal turn on red & speeding. When I said I never saw the no turn on red sign the officer said “a lot of people don’t see that sign, that’s why we watch that intersection all the time.” I would say it’s a signage problem If so many drivers don’t see that sign. I went back to the intersection and the sign is plain white with black lettering, and NO red circle (that’s what I’m used to seeing) on it. Isn’t the red circle standard on the no turn on red signs? Also, if you go forward across Portland ave it is a one way, so there isn’t any oncoming traffic from that direction. The only traffic that someone turning right needs to be concerned with are the cars coming from the left (heading south on Portland) which are easily visible. So is is It even necessary to restrict right hand turns in that case? If so, why? It would seem to benefit the public if they would mark the intersection with better signage, as apposed to constant patrolling. Patrolling the intersection isn’t going to PREVENT any accidents, better signs WILL.

Cargo Rd. and Longfellow on the east side of HWY 77

Bloomington, MinnesotaJul 09, 20150 Comments

This has been a speed trap for years. Bloomington police have cars lined up issuing tickets for those who have parked in those lots.
However, the ticketing has lessened in recent years and I do not see them there as frequently.
Another speed trap is Cedar Ave. and East Lake Nokomis Pkwy just by Fat Lorenzo’s.

92nd and East side of Penn

Bloomington, MinnesotaOct 28, 20130 Comments

They hide in that little nook by Eric the Bike Man’s Warehouse. They get you going Southbound because the driver can’t see going southbound from that vantage point.

Between 84th and 90th From Penn to France

Bloomington, MinnesotaApr 30, 20120 Comments

Last day of the month of course (though they always deny theres a quota system right?) 5 DISTINCT patrol cars witnessed between 9am and noon either sitting on 84th close to France, On France between 84th and 90th, and between Penn and France on 90th.

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