Mosby, Missouri Speed Traps

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69 Hwy- Excelsior Springs to Bridge by Pour Boys Gas Station

Mosby, MissouriJul 13, 20121 Comments

The Mosby Police Department heavily watches Highway 69 and stops a lot of “drivers” on its boundaries. I have been stopped twice on 69 Hwy and have received 3 tickets from them (Cracked wind shield obstructing view of driver, No front license plate, No proof of insurance.) At court I found out they are big on ‘No proof of insurance’ currently. All my cases have been dismissed though, as I fought them well.

US 69 Between Fishing River Bridge and Cameron Road

Mosby, MissouriJan 01, 20120 Comments

I have been commuting to work on this route for three years. It is very rare that I do not see Mosby police parked in this area looking for an opportunity to issue tickets. If I do not see them parked along side the road, they have someone pulled over. A couple of weeks ago I was on my way home from work and as I crossed the Fishing River Bridge, the Mosby police were sitting on the other side. I had my cruise control set just below the speed limit of 65 MPH, and as I was crossing the bridge, another vehicle was barely passing me and could not have been going more than 66 or 67 MPH. Incredibly the Mosby police pulled him over, and I would imagine they gave him a ticket. Mosby has a population of less than three hundred residents who are obviously living in poverty. I would imagine that Mosby relies heavily on revenues from tickets for even the most minor of traffic violations.

US Highway 69

Mosby, MissouriMay 24, 20080 Comments

The small town of Mosby, Missouri, is situated just off U.S. 69 between Liberty and Excelsior Springs (about 30 miles northeast of Kansas City). The only part of the town on 69 is a gas station on the median between the northbound and southbound lanes of 69. Quite possibly, the city’s only sources of revenue are from taxes paid by residents, the gas station, and speeding tickets. Mosby employs one or two Barney Fifes, whose sole purpose is to write speeding tickets. Although the speed limit is a rather generous 65 in the area…they are not above pulling you over for 68.

The more heavily patrolled area is between the Fishing River Bridge and Cameron Road.

US Highway 69 near Pour Boys Store

Mosby, MissouriAug 23, 20070 Comments

Watch out going southbound on 69 Highway. There is construction going on, and the cops are writing a lot of tickets in the 45 construction zone at near the Pour Boys gas station. My wife was given a ticket on a Saturday with no construction workers even on the site. The Mosby cops are generating a great deal of revenue from this construction zone. The heavy set bald headed officer is sitting in the construction zone almost every day when I go through there. So be careful as he gives no warnings.

State Highway 69 near State Highway 69

Mosby, MissouriJul 16, 20071 Comments

Hideout on the backside of a railroad underpass. So bad they made the Kansas City TV news.

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